The Mercy Thompson Series is a series of urban fantasy novels written by Patricia Briggs that follow the adventures of Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson, a Native American shapeshifter who was raised by Werewolves. The series is set in the Tri-Cities area of Washington state in an alternate world in which Werewolves and certain types of the fae have been forced to reveal themselves to the public. The series follows Mercy, a VW mechanic by trade, as she learns her true nature and is caught up in the affairs of the local werewolf pack, led by Adam, the Alpha who lives next door, and the local vampire seethe, a member of which she has befriended. Via Wikipedia

United States

This cover really embodies Mercy as a character. In the series she is extremely self determined and doesn’t like people helping her out often. Even though she can some times be thought of as ‘One of the boys’ this cover shows she can still be sexy.


(Translation: ‘Call of the Moon’)

Okay I wont lie I think this cover could possibly give me nightmares. The look in Mercy’s eyes are very raw and haunting. But I do love how they portray Mercy, unlike the US version this one has Mercy more in touch with nature and her heritage.

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Which of the covers was your favorites? Least favorite?

Which cover encompassed the story the best?