By OBS staffer Caro

Chapters 10-11

Zoey soon found Stark on the shore, who had a shield and a claymore, and was practicing. When he felt Zoey there with him, he turned and smiled, but his smile faded quickly when he saw what Zoey had in her hands. Zoey took the tension away by playing around with accents and then came up with an idea for Stark to use the bow again. She convinced him by telling him that she had always thought archery was cool and that it would be nice for him to teach her. He hesitated for a moment, being hunted by his past, but at the end agreed. Stark showed Zoey how to hold the bow, stand and how the arrow went. Zoey noticed how comfortable he felt, he could even teach her with his eyes closed. Yet, Stark still felt the evil inside him, but as long as Zoey trusted him everything would be okay. The first arrow hit the target, and the next one split the first one. Zoey was amazed, and with Stark’s help, her arrow hit the other two. After their bow practice, Zoey and Stark ended up together again. Meanwhile at Tulsa, Kalona is already settled in at Neferet’s penthouse, and is waiting for her arrival with Rephaim. Once he senses her getting close, Rephaim asks him if she has imprinted on him, to which Kalona says that no one tastes the blood of an immortal. Neferet is surprised to see Rephaim after thinking he was dead. She gets made after knowing that people have already seen him around Tulsa, but Kalona tells her it’s a good thing, since the House of Night thinks he is no longer with her. Neferet insist that she wants Zoey to return and even though Jack is dead, she might not risk herself coming back, unless someone closer to her like Stevie Rae or Aphrodite get hurt. Rephaim worries for a moment and suggest that Kalona should call Zoey in her dreams, making Neferet get angry. But, Kalona saves him again. Neferet orders Rephaim to look for the red fledglings leaving Kalona all to herself. When she leaves to take a bath, Kalona instructs his son to keep an eye on the Red One, to see what she does and where she goes in order to find her weakness. When Rephaim leaves, Kalona feels slightly jealous of his freedom and takes his son’s advice and searches for Zoey in her dreams. Once his spirit is near the castle and senses Zoey he is caught by surprise when he realizes that he is in Stark’s body, who is making love to Zoey. His spirit returns to his own body just in time to see Neferet standing on his bedroom door. At Skye, Stark somehow felt his body invaded, but has no clue of to what it was or meant.



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