The Cavanaugh Brothers, Book #4

By Laura Wright

ISBN# 9781101626184

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bonded-by-laura-wrightBlue just can’t seem to get his head on straight anymore.  His world has gone to crap ever since Everett Cavanaugh died, and the truth came out, that Everett was his father and his mom has lied to him his entire life.  The only solace he found was with his online relationship with ‘cowgirl’, but even that turned to crap when her identity was revealed as none other than Natalie Palmer, the girl they suspect killed his half-sister, Cass.

But the night he found out about Natalie he took solace in the arms and body of Emily Shiver, his angel.  But she left in the middle of the night making it clear what she thought about the situation.  But now her brother Deputy Shiver, just took him to jail for speeding!  But he got to see Emily again, but it’s another blindside as he finds out she’s pregnant with his child!  Now he’s out to make sure that he’s the father to his baby that he wished he had had.  But Emily can’t take the distance he’s trying to keep between them, and pushes him away.  But now Emily and their baby are both in danger at the hand of Natalie, who thinks she has a claim on him.  It’s up to Blue to protect what means the most to him, his new budding family.

OMG!  I loved this book, and literally couldn’t put it down!!  It was sooo good that I blazed through it.  And now I’m a little sad that it’s over.  This appears to be the last book in the series and I’m sad to see it go, even though I realize that there is no more story to tell.  The mystery has been solved.

Blue has been my second favorite Cavanaugh brother throughout this series, second only to Cole!  I just adore him!  Yes he has been a bit thorny in these last few books, but who could blame him?  His world came crashing down when he realized all he ever knew was a lie.  But I loved to see how he instantly became so protective of Emily and the baby.  He was down-right swoon-worthy, even when he wasn’t giving his whole heart.  You could see he wanted to, but just couldn’t trust anybody anymore.  Completely understandable after what he’s been through.

I really liked Emily as well.  She was a good person to help Blue get though all the betrayals he’s recently faced and come out a better person on the other side.  It takes her awhile, but it all finally sinks in for Blue.  It was almost too late by the time he figured it out, like it often is in romance novels.

This book was great, I loved it!  But like I stated earlier, I’m just sad it’s over.  I love the Cavanaughs like family and to not see them anymore makes me sad.  And I won’t even get to see Blue welcome his baby into this world. *sniff sniff*  I’ll be okay … honest … just give me time to mourn my loss!

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