Blood Truth

Black Dagger Legacy, Book #4

By J.R. Ward

ISBN# 9781501195037

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Boone has been a great disappointment to his sire, Altamere.  The two have never had a good relationship and Boone doesn’t fit the mold of the glymera males.  However, it seemed to be his father’s last straw when Boone’s arranged mating was ended and he joined the Brotherhood training program.

Altamere doesn’t care much for the king and was involved in the previous plot to overthrow him.  Now there is another unsavory meet that appears to be a new treasonous plot.  Boone tried to talk his father out of going to no avail.  It forced him to bring the meeting to the Brotherhood’s attention.  There was a shadow attack at the party.  Thanks to the heads up, the Brothers were able to save several attendees.  Unfortunately, Altamere and his shellan lost their lives in the melee. Now Boone is supposed to mourn a man he really didn’t care that much for.  He’s indifferent to his father’s death.  Apparently, the feeling is mutual since Boone’s been cut out of the will and he has two weeks to find a new place to live.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood is investigating a possible serial killer after a third woman is found brutally murdered at a local club.  Boone is with Butch at Pyre’s Revyval investigating when he meets the beautiful Helania.  She is the one that called in the last two murders, one of which was her own sister, Isobel.  Helania is scared, but will do what she must to see justice served and stop the killer.  Helania doesn’t know if she can trust Boone, but the two soon form a bond that neither saw coming.  Together they will find out what happened to Isobel and with Butch’s help see justice served once and for all.

I actually really enjoyed this story.  I’m really liking the legacy books.  Like I’ve mentioned in other reviews, the storylines are more streamlined and simple then what the original series, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, has become.  These books tend to focus on a trainee and their newfound love and one of the original characters or couples.  I find it much easier to follow without a million changes in points of view and without so much going on simultaneously.

I really liked Boone.  I felt he had strong morals, despite how he was raised.  It’s sad that he hadn’t felt true love before.  I have no doubt he will show his family (when the time comes) all the love that he never experienced.  I liked how appalled the doggen were with what was going on with Marquist and the idea of their true master being thrown out.

“The thing with true family, from everything he’d learned? Sometimes they shared DNA with you. Sometimes they didn’t. And given that the blood connection only went so far, the friends you chose were what made up the slack when your relatives sucked.”

Helania was an okay character.  She was nothing all that remarkable, but she wasn’t bad.  I actually liked Rochelle better though!

Overall this was another great read in this spin-off series.  I’m just worried that they’re running out of trainees for Ward to write stories about!  Here’s to hoping for a new class of trainees in the future!