By Erica over at TampaBay.Com

Let’s say you’re a big Tampa Bay area blood bank, well aware that 15 percent of all blood donations come from high schoolers and eager to transform all that teen enthusiasm for Twilight into fresh faces at your donation drives.

If you’re Florida Blood Services, you arrange a promotion centered on the next best thing: the premiere of the CW’s new TV version of Twilight, called Vampire Diaries.

Anyone giving blood between now and Sept. 10 at an FBS donor center gets a voucher for two free tickets to a special premiere of Vampire Dairies, held by local CW affiliate WTOG-Ch. 44 and scheduled at 8 p.m. Sept. 10 in the Ritz Theater in Ybor City.

You also get a T-shirt, wellness checkup and free cholesterol screening.

I’ve only seen the pilot, it looks like these vamps can walk around in daytime — how else can Stefan attend high school?

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Wow this is a great way to get people to donate blood. I know at my school a lot of kids don’t donate blood and maybe something like this would get them to donate.  I haven’t read the Vampire Diaries so I’m not familiar with the story but I would probably try to get over my fear of needles to get a pair of tickets.

If you’re in the Tampa area are you going to do this? If it was in your town would you donate blood?