3 Star rating
Bled and Breakfast
Immortality Bites Mysteries, Book #2
By Michelle Rowan
ISBN# 9780451239969
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Fledgling vampire Sarah Dearly knew what she was getting into when she married master vampire Thierry de Bennicoeur. As an agent of the Ring, Thierry is sent all over the world to solve vampire crimes and keep them secret from humans. And now Sarah’s on the job with him—for better or worse.

Right after their wedding in Las Vegas, Sarah and Thierry get their next assignment: Three vampires have gone missing in Salem, Massachusetts, and they need to find out why. Their contact in Salem turns out to be a local lothario with a penchant for witches, but before he can help them, he suddenly goes up in smoke—leaving behind nothing but a stain on the ground and a seemingly impossible mystery.

Did a witchy ex-mistress cast a deadly spell, or is there something even more sinister happening to the vampires of Salem? Getting to the truth may require raising the undead, with a little help from the owners of a vampire-friendly bed and breakfast. But uncovering Salem’s darkest secrets may drag some of Thierry’s own past into the light.


Thierry and Sarah have traveled to Salem on an assignment for “The Ring.”

Sarah can communicate with ghosts and when a witch from the past makes himself known, she can’t figure out what the heck is going on.

The Ring’s Markus has Sarah trying to dig into Thierry’s past despite the fact that he was one of their founders. She has no choice but to do their bidding.

It took me a while to get into the book. There are a lot of characters with multiple story lines going on.

Once I got into the book, I very much enjoyed the comical side of Rowan’s writing. Sarah is a sarcastic smart-ass. One of my favorites was…

“holy hotness batman”

At one point, she references Twilight which had me laughing. They are staying at the Batberry Suite BYOB bring your own blood. LOL!

Owen, one of Thierry’s old friends, is a unique character. He is a total slut but I couldn’t stop laughing at his antics.

Many of the characters have their own agenda. They’re devious and waiting for the chance to further their plans no matter who gets hurt in the process.

I enjoyed Bled and Breakfast but I felt it was all over the place, scattered so to speak. Too much was going on. I recommend the book to women. It’s a fun mystery; difficult to figure it out. The plot twists kept coming. Bled and Breakfast would be a great gift for mom.