Black Vows

Obsession Inc. Book #2

By Dori Lavelle

ISBN: 9781722091958

Author’s Website:

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I need someone to shake me awake, to tell me this is only a dream. I keep waiting to let out the breath I’ve been holding since he captured me.

But the nightmare doesn’t end. The sun doesn’t rise. The silver lining stays hidden under the darkness of his shadow.

Dax Pierce has his fingers tight around my heart. They burn the surface of my skin. His lips taste of the bitter poison he kills me with one day at a time. I can scream. I can beg for my freedom. But my tears only turn him on. For now, all I can do is weep in the arms of the devil, and keep wishing for this nightmare to end—with my death or my freedom.

*This book contains dark themes, including violence of a sexual and physical nature that could trigger emotional distress in readers. *


Black Vows is the second book in the series Obsession Inc. by Dori Lavelle. Can you say DARK??? Whew…definitely a dark, gripping, disturbing and very well written read.

Black Vows continues the story where book one, Black Kiss, left off. Emma is in a dark, musty room listening and trying to determine where Ruby (the snake) is without the benefit of light. Emma is trapped, a veritable prisoner of Dax … trying to survive the “punishment” he is dishing out. And twisted he is.

My darling, you don’t have to worry about dying from snake bite. Ruby is up here with me. It’s just that seeing you terrified kind of turns me on. I couldn’t help myself.”  He sighs. “But I’m getting bored with this part of the game. Give me a moment and I’ll be right down. I’ve got so many surprises in store for you.”

What happened to the wonderful, artistic, handsome, polite Dax that she fell in love with? That is the question.

Emma gathers all her internal resources to fight. Emma focuses on her sister Christa’s need for her strength to get through chemo treatments. This is what drives Emma to survive.

But as the reader sees time and again throughout the book, Dax will say and do whatever to control Emma. It is truly frightening. These horrible, twisted events are better read about, then my trying to describe the indescribable for I am no storyteller like Ms. Lavelle.

“…his souls is many shades of black.”

One must question how a person can be so kind and caring on one hand and then turn around and be so evil. What drives Dax? What happened to him in his life to make him act the way he does – and believe it is alright to do so?

These are questions that I mulled over many times as I read the book. The reader does get a glimpse of what makes Dax tick. Obviously, if I were to answer all of my questions, it might take some of the suspenseful reading away from your journey through the world of Dax and Emma….so I will leave these questions unanswered for each reader to discover themselves.

I was in a conundrum… stop reading because it was so dark but yet…keep reading to see if Dax really was as dark as I thought….and why? And that is the crux of it…why??? I loved how Emma’s inner strength kept pushing through for her survival. I cannot fathom how an individual can put up with what Emma has, truly amazing… and frightening. The ending definitely leaves you … well I am not sure “wanting more” is appropriate, but this reader needs to have some closure so I guess “needing more” is fitting.

Ms. Lavelle did it again – a riveting read. Her way with words brings the story to a whole new level. With book 3 in the series, Black Rose, ready to go on my eReader, it may be another long night of reading. Who am I kidding… I think I will wait until the sun comes up.