Black Ops Chronicles: Dead Men Don’t

Pepper O’Neal

Brought to you by OBS Reviewer Jerjen




A strange man has come to save her…but is he friend or foe?

Anderson Merritt’s been kidnapped, but when a stranger comes to rescue her, she isn’t sure he is who he says he is. He claims to work her father’s boss. But someone close to Andi set her up, and now she doesn’t know who to trust. Every man she’s ever known has seen her only as a tool to get to her father or his money, so why should this one be any different? As the sparks between them ignite, and the danger escalates, Andi has to choose—go off on her own, or trust that some men really are what they seem.

He doesn’t want to hurt her…but he may have to if she doesn’t come willingly.

Ex-CIA black ops specialist Levi Komakov doesn’t believe in hurting women, but when the place is set to blow and Andi won’t cooperate, he has no choice to but toss her over his shoulder and carry her out of danger, determined to keep her safe in spite of herself. But the beautiful little spitfire doesn’t make it easy for him. With her abductors seemingly always one step ahead of him, Levi suspects there’s a rat in the woodpile, but who? Could it be someone close to Andi’s father, someone in the FBI, or someone in the family Levi works for? When a new threat appears, and even the CIA can’t help him keep Andi safe, Levi puts everything on the line—but will it be enough?



Andi Merritt is the pampered daughter of a mob boss.  She has lived a privileged life, although it has also been a sheltered one.  And it has not been a happy life because with her father’s position she realizes that all the people in her life are trying to use her to get even with her father or to get in his good graces.  No one cares about her as a person, only as a means to an end.  And her father is not a loving man since her mother died.


Andi is kidnapped and she does not know why or where she has been taken.  One would think that her father would be frantic to find her and would use the mob to bring her back.  In reality, her father is behind the kidnapping.  He is using her to pay off gambling debts he has accumulated.  I told you he is not a loving man!


Levi Komakov is an ex-CIA former sergeant in the British SAS.  When his old friend, Jonas, and an FBI agent ask him to rescue her, he agrees because he really detests crimes against women.  His nickname is “The Ghost” and he is very good at getting in and getting out without getting caught.  He knows the job will not be easy but he does not figure that the biggest threat will come from Andi herself.  She is a real spitfire and she does not want to go with him quietly or willingly.  She definitely has trust issues and she does not know if Levi is a friend or an enemy.  But since her options of escape are limited, she decides she will go with him (especially after he throws her over his shoulder). Will Levi be able to keep Andi safe and will Andi learn to trust someone?


The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The action moves along at a breakneck speed throughout the entire book and the reader only has a few pages to catch their breath between adventures.  The author does a great job of describing the scenery and the action is such vivid words and details that I felt like I was right there watching the action all around me.  Whether it was in the desert or in the woods or in a palace, I felt like I was transported there.  In fact, much of the time while I was reading, I felt like I was watching a television show.   While reading I could visualize the special effects of the explosions and the sandstorm in my head.  I think this is the sign of a very talented author, being able to bring things to life in the readers mind.  This is a great thing in my opinion. At times I felt like I had to suspend reality in order to enjoy the book fully, but I think that is common when reading (or watching) action adventure.  This did not take anything away from my enjoyment.


The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional.  Andi is a feisty spunky spitfire who will do whatever it takes to stay alive. And even though she has lived a sheltered life, she is able to adjust to her surroundings and circumstances very well.  Levi lives by a code of ethics and he will do whatever has to be done to protect those in his care. He does not want to kill others but he will as a last resort.  Both Andi and Levi have baggage from their pasts to deal with. Andi has trust issues and she also feels unworthy of love.  How can anyone else love her when her own father does not? Levi has lost his wife and he feels guilty because he could not save her.  He does not want the same thing happening with Andi.


This book deals with American women being kidnapped and sold on the black market. Unfortunately this is a real life problem and the author did a good job bringing attention to the situation. There are also sections that give examples of self defense moves that women can use if being attacked. This was a positive in my opinion.


I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted action adventure read.  This book is really a great one and should not be missed.  I have not read any other books by this author but I plan to read book one very soon.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for providing a copy for review*