Chapters 6-12

Clay, Nick, Elena, Antonio, and Peter start their hunt for the mutt.  Peter and Antonio split off and search the west side of town, where they are most likely to find the mutt.  The downside is that they had to stay in human form.  Clay, Nick and Elena took the East side and were searching in wolf form.  The only problem is that living in Toronto, Elena only changed when her body demanded it, about once a week and she isn’t sure if she can handle all these multiple changes being back with the pack has demanded.

Elena, Nick, and Clay split up for their search to cover more ground in a smaller amount of time.  Elena was checking out a row of houses.  Getting close enough to get a sniff and then rushing back into the row of bushes so she wouldn’t be seen.  She did come across a waitress coming home from work, but she didn’t see Elena.
Then, she heard Clay howl a lonely dog kind of howl; he couldn’t do the wolf howl without raising suspicion from the locals.  Elena knew he found something and started heading his way, but she had to cross the main road.

Once across she caught the scent of the mutt and followed it to a brick apartment building.  The mutt wasn’t there.  Clay showed up behind her in human form and stroked her neck, scaring her.  She changed to human form in the bushes and then followed Clay into the apartment.


“Challenge has nothing to do with it, Jer.  I’d say it’s the big bad wolf huffing and puffing at her door up there.” –Antonio

“If they decide to submit what’s left of Scott Brandon for testing and they find something a wee bit strange, you aren’t concerned?  This is your backyard, Clay.  Your home.  You can’t afford not to care.”—Elena
“I didn’t hear you suggesting anything else.”-Elena
“It’s called survival, darling.  I know when to keep my mouth shut.”-Clay

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1.   What do you think of the wager of the poker game between Elena and Clay and what resulted afterwards in the woods?
2.   Why do you think that Elena lashed out at Jeremy after Clay bit her?  And why do you think Jeremy took it?
3.   Do you think the way Brandon died was in the best interest for all involved?
4.   What do you think about Clay still wearing his wedding band and occasionally introducing her as his wife even though him and Elena never got married?
5.   Why do you think Clay was so outraged at Logan’s murder?