Bitten chapters 19-25

Elena is helping clean up after breakfast and Jeremy asks her if she called Philip yesterday and tells her that he called her cell this morning.  She had left the phone in the front hall and Jeremy answered it.  Philip was expecting her home today.  Elena told Jeremy that she’d handle it.  But when she was getting ready to go call Philip back, Clay entered the room.

Then, Clay and Elena went to bury Cain’s body and went and burned and buried his personal effects at another site.

On their way back they got pulled over by a police car.  One of the officers approached Clay on the passenger side, verified he was Clay and asked him to step out of the car, while the other officer was checking over the explorer and asking questions about it.  They informed Clay and Elena that an anonymous tip came in that Clay had information about the murdered hunter that was found on Stonehaven property.  They asked Clay to come with them to the station for questioning.  He went, but Elena felt it was a trap and followed them in the Explorer.  She waited in the police station for Clay.

Then, Marsten and LeBlanc came in and sat on either side of Elena.  Martsen offered to give her a necklace that she declined.  He tells her that he doesn’t care what happens to the pack either way.  He just wants his territory.  He tells her the LeBlanc wanted to meet her and Marsten starts reading a magazine.


“Nice to see you remember how to make yourself at home in my bed,”—Elena

“You thought it was funny.  Humiliate the new guy.  We got back to the house, what do you think Marsten does?  Tells Daniel and Olson.  Gave them a good laugh….I want an apology”-LeBlanc

“Nick used to have magazines like this when we were kids.  But without the cars…or the bathing suits”-Clay

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1.   What do you think about Clay moving a sleeping Elena up to her bed and stripping them both of all their clothes?

2.   What did you think of the confrontation between Elena and LeBlanc in the police station?  Do you think Elena handled it well?

3.   Do you think Jeremy had an ulterior motive in sending Elena and Clay to her apartment in Toronto?