Bitten Book club chapters  13-18

Jeremy refused to let the pack go after the three mutts just yet.  Clay is upset and about to storm out when Jeremy warns him that if he goes after them that he can’t come back.  Jeremy tells him if he can’t control himself, he will lock him up in the cage, but if he won’t control himself he’ll be banished.

Clay runs out into the woods and Elena follows him.  Clay yells and punches the trees.  He tells Elena that he’s trying, but everything is telling him to go after the mutts, but that he can’t disobey Jeremy.

Jeremy kisses Elena and when she returns his affections.  He tells her he loves her.

Elena woke up in the woods the next morning and Clay wasn’t next to her.  Then, she feels water dripping on her.  Clay is dripping wet standing over her.  He said he was testing the temperature of the pond and that it’s perfect for the first swim of the season.  He bargains with her that if she goes for a swim with him before they go back to the house that he will cook her breakfast afterwards, anything she wants.


“My fur and my prints in my forest?  Fancy that.  I hope you’re not implying what I think you’re implying, darling, ‘cause if you recall, I was with you all last night, which is when Tonio says this guy went missing.”-Clay“If you’d like me to really help, I can knock you unconscious until morning.”-Elena

“Call me a feminist, but I think a woman’s worth should be defined not by the size of her bust, but…by the strength of her right hook.”-Elena

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1.   Why do you think Elena was so quick to blame the hunter’s death on Clay?  Would you have in her situation

2.   Why do you think Elena sulked for so long after?  Do you think there is anything Clay could have done to prove his innocence in her eyes?

3.   How do you think Clay’s hair and prints got to the crime scene?