Best Beach Ever

Ten Beach Road, Book #6

Wendy Wax

ISBN13: 9780399584411

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Despite their hopes for smooth sailing, the ladies of Ten Beach Road confront choppy seas in this novel in the bestselling series.

Forced to rent out or lose their beloved Bella Flora after the loss of their renovation-turned-reality-TV show Do Over, Maddie, Nikki, Avery, Kyra, and Bitsy move into cottages at the Sunshine Hotel and Beach Club believing the worst is over. Only to discover just how uncertain their futures really are.

Maddie struggles with the challenges of dating a rock star whose career has come roaring back to life while Nikki faces the daunting realities of mothering twins at forty-seven. Avery buries herself in a tiny home build in an attempt to dodge commitment issues, and Kyra battles to protect her son from the Hollywood world she once dreamed of joining. And Bitsy is about to find out whether the rewards of seeking revenge will outweigh the risks.

Luckily, when the going gets tough, the ladies of Ten Beach Road know that their friendship–tried and tested–can chase away the darkest clouds and let the sun shine in… (Goodreads)


This is the story of five friends who have stuck together through thick and thin.  They have been there for each other during the good times and bad, through the tears and laughter and everything in-between.   All of them have had hardships in their lives and have had to overcome many things. But they have also had friendship and support and friends that always had their backs.  We should all be so lucky to have that strong of a support system in our lives.

Bitsy has had to deal with her husband leaving her (along with emptying out their bank account) for another woman.  Nikki is struggling with being a mom of twins, not knowing what she is doing, and also struggling with her weight gain.  Avery is having trouble making a commitment to Chase. She loves him but is afraid to take the ultimate next step in their relationship. Maddie is going on tour with her boyfriend, Will, but she is wondering if there is not more to life.  And Kyra has agreed to letting her son, Dustin, be in his father’s movie, but that means she has to spend time with her ex and his wife. That will be hard for her to handle. So as you can see, they all have burdens to bear and things to work out.But they will do it with the help of each other.

The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and through much of the time I was right there watching everything develop.  She is also very talented in her character development and she has created people that have depth and faults and good qualities. I would like to visit them and spend time with them.

This book evoked a lot of emotions while reading it: laughter, frustration, sadness, gladness and hope.  I think it takes a special writer to take the reader through this vast array of emotions and I am glad to have taken this journey through her book.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted women’s contemporary.  This is the sixth book in the series and it can be read as a stand alone. But I think to fully appreciate, you should read the whole series, so you can see the characters’ development and enjoy spending more time with them.  

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