5 star rating
Being Sapphire
By Sylvia Ryan
ISBN# 9781616501969
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Jordan Ford has struggled against all odds to become third in command of the Resistance. Her goal is ousting General Morgan from power and ending the Repopulation Laws. As liaison between the Resistance members in the Amber Zone and those in the Sapphire Zone, she bridges the chasm between the sectors.

Patrick O’Connor is a soldier in the army that keeps the Zones separated. When Patrick’s twin, Shane, is ripped from the family and dumped in the Amber Zone, it leaves a gaping wound in the O’Connor clan. But Patrick finds a way to join the Resistance to reconnect with Shane.

The Amber and Sapphire Zones collide when Jordan runs from her first act of sabotage…straight into Patrick’s arms. The O’Connor clan is recruited into helping her build a Sapphire Resistance, Including Shane, who doesn’t hesitate when Patrick leads his brother right to Jordan’s door.

Splitting her time between two zones, Jordan can’t fight the attraction she feels for brothers. Can she survive her next mission, the revelation of her secrets, and being torn between two men who love each other more than they love her?

CONTENT WARNING: Contains explicit sexual language and content, m/f/m, and elements of BDSM that may be objectionable to some readers. (Goodreads)


Another incredibly moving story by this author. You can read this as a stand alone story, but I highly suggest to read the first book in this series, for the most insight. Sylvia is a very gifted writer and can write about the most complex things and feelings in relationships.

I saw another review that said  “kinky ménage where twin brothers share a woman they love” While that is true, and does happen and there are twins with one women that they both love. For me this book was not kinky, it was a  story about hope and love, with characters that had so many tangled feelings that it took much time to untangle. The BDSM and menage scenes, were perfect for the story, they felt right and natural, given all the circumstances. With that said there are some very intense sex scenes in this story, but they go with the overall flow and for me did not feel kinky within the context of this story.

We get to learn more about the world in this story. What a wonderful, fresh take on what could be. This story stayed with me for several days after reading it. This review is difficult to write because, the story is so well done, but the people are so fractured and filled with pain that there were parts for me that were difficult to read. With that said, it is completely worth it to keep going to see where the characters go and what happens. I can hardly wait for the next book in this series.

Here is a quote, my favorite and one I use in my real life as well for all different kinds of things. 

“A different kind of love.” 

This is what the story is about. It’s not for everyone, but is so masterfully written and explained how and why it works for these characters. How this writer is able to get the feelings of each character out, in such a real and heartfelt way is amazing!

I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to read a story that is well written with characters that feel real, with the good, the bad, and the ugly. The story  is multi-faceted and will have something for everyone, be it the sci-fi, romance, erotica or political intrigue, it’s all there. This is an excellent addition to this series.