SEASON 1 SUMMARY –  Supernatural Series ‘Being Human’

Aidan is a vampire that lives in Boston with a werewolf, Josh. They live in a rented Brownstone house that is haunted by a ghost, Sally.

Aidan is from a long line of vampires…he works in a hospital as a janitor. He used to be in the American Revolutionary war when he was killed and reborn as a vampire. He lost a wife and a son back in the past. One of the vampires that turned Aidan also lives in Boston and is a police officer. The two men used to be really good friends but now only tolerate each other.

Josh was a college student when he was violently attacked one day hiking. He became a werewolf. He started to change a lot and couldn’t be around his friends or family. He was engaged to be married but broke it off due to the circumstances. He fled from his hometown because he didn’t know what else to do. Along the way, he met Aidan and they became friends. Josh also works at the hospital as a orderly.

Sally is a recently deceased person that became a ghost. She was engaged to a man and the Brownstone house was where they were supposed to live together. One day she lost her engagement ring down the sink at the house. Her fiance got violent with her and pushed her down the steps. The fall severely bruised her head and she died. Her fiance moved out of the house and rented it to Aidan and Josh. He started dating Sally’s best friend.

Aidan and Josh finally meet Sally in the house after they complete the rental agreement.

Aidan is very tolerant of her but it takes time for Josh to warm up to her. They all slowly learn about each other and how to live together.

Now to the major events that occurred to each person….

Aidan-He meets a girl that he likes named Rebecca and they have a lot of sex. Aidan loses control and accidentally kills her. Aidan’s former friend the police officer takes Rebecca to his headquarters underground and makes her a vampire. Aidan is not happy about that. He learns to get along with Rebecca even though she is very reckless. She kills a boy and makes him a vampire to try to win Aidan’s heart. Aidan is touched by her thought but scared for the boy since the boy was his neighbor from across the street. Eventually he has to kill the boy for good since the boy has no control since being a vampire. Rebecca eventually is killed by Aidan(she asks him to do it) because she does so many bad things and she can’t take it anymore being a vampire.

Josh-Every time the full moon comes, he has to find a place to lock himself away and turn into the wolf. Aidan is helping him with this by using a room in the hospital’s basement.

Josh finally meets the man that gave him his bite…he asks him why he did it. The man said he had lost all of his family and needed someone to run with. Josh tells the man no thanks and tells him to leave. Josh meets a girl at the hospital that he works with. She is a nurse. She has no idea what he is. They get close and they tried to make love and Josh is starting to turn. Josh has to run out on his date without a explanation. They finally make up but he finally tells her what he is. Also, Josh sees his sister at the hospital who finally tracked him down. She asks why he ran and he doesn’t want to tell her. But after a night out on the town with him and Aidan, which she about died…he has to tell her. He goes home with her briefly to see their parents and then he comes back to Boston.

Sally-She is lost within herself. At first, she believes that she was the one who fell down the stairs that night. But afterwhile, she learns the truth about her ex fiance. She can hear him and her former girlfriend talk. She learns to move through walls. She meets a few other ghosts that show her tricks to use. She gets so mad at ex fiance and scares him enough to get a psychic. The psychic tells her to leave him alone. She also tries to communicate with her girlfriend. Her girlfriend figures out it is her and tells her to leave her alone. The girlfriend finally figures out that Sally’s ex fiance is a controlling and violent person…she told him never to speak to her again. Sally meets another ghost that is a man and they have a friendship. Sally is happy for once even though she is still a ghost.

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