One of the first books I read that involved fallen angels, Hush Hush is a lush YA book that everyone should read. Don’t believe me? Let’s hear what one of our staff members had to say.

Brought by OBS staff member Farrha

Book One: Hush, Hush Series

Nora Grey, unlike most other girls at her school, isn’t interested in finding herself a boyfriend. Simply, no one has ever really interested her. But the arrival of transfer student, Patch, turns her life upside down.

With dark eyes and a disarming smile, Nora can’t help be attracted to Patch, no matter how much she tries to hate him. And all the while Patch seems to have unnerving knowledge about her that her closest friends don’t even know. Despite all of this, she begins to trust him, until a series of unexplainable events occur. Is she being followed? Is she the target of a series of planned attacks? She’s no longer sure of who she can trust, not even herself.

She can’t decide if she should run to Patch when danger finds her, or if he is in fact, the cause of the danger that seems to be shrouding her life. She begins to question if Patch is even human. When attempting to seek answers for the strange things that seem to be happening to her, she discovers an unsettling truth that ascends anything she could have guessed.

Firstly, what a concept! Fallen Angels, Nephilim and an Angel of Death. Well, it surely is darkly interesting. In fact, I found Patch’s story, and everyone else, that more interesting than Nora, the main character.

After completing the book, I was both amazed and a little under-whelmed. A confusing mix of emotions which I was finally able to draw down to being that I wanted just so much more from this novel. And it really could have delivered.

While the writing is wonderful, the story is great and the banter exceptional, the story arc was left wanting. Suspense was used greatly, and for more than half the book we are left trying to figure out who or what Patch is and what he wants from Nora.

Unfortunately, the suspense wasn’t the interesting part of the book. While it did make it difficult to put the book down, it became even more difficult to let the book leave my hands, once Patch’s confusion and threatening story is finally revealed. The entrance of a jealous Angel of Death shot the story to new heights. I wanted the novel to linger and delve deeper in these parts of the story, but unfortunately the story being from Nora’s point of view, we only get a glimpse of that side of the story and only from about three quarters through.

In saying all that, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was interesting and I found it hard to put it down. Definitely a unique love story in an age of the Bella and Edward saga, it brings out a darker and deeper side of love and desire. But, with a Fallen Angel and a jealous Angel of Death, I just can’t help but wish the story focused on them more than a human. Patch’s mind would definitely have been more interesting.