3 Star rating
Bayou Moon
The Edge, Book #2
By Ilona Andrews
ISBN# 9780441019458
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*Beware of Spoilers*

bayou-moon-the-edge-ilona-andrewsIt’s been two years since Rose ran off with Declan and William has made a residence in the Edge, keeping to himself and accepting that he will always live alone.  When he gets an unexpected package on his porch; a box that includes pictures of changeling children that were brutally murdered and a note from the one who is responsible, William’s enemy, Spider.

William is then visited by a couple of associates from an organization that is hunting Spider, known as the Mirror.  They want him to go to the Mire, where they believe Spider has gone and kill him.  He agrees and the adventure begins.

He follows the Mirror’s instructions and goes into the weird and takes a tour that will lead him into the Edge and the swamps that makes up the Mire.  There is a dirty hobo lady taking the same tour and she eventually kills their guide leaving William and herself to work together to get through the dangers of the swamp.

He quickly learns that the hobo lady is putting on an act and is actually Cerise Mar, the one person the Mirror told him to get close to.  William plans to use her as bait to draw Spider out, but once he starts to have feelings for her, it’s not quite so easy to put her in danger, well in more danger than she’s already in that is.

Spider works for a group called the Hand that is known for performing experiments on it’s operatives, and most of them aren’t even human anymore.  The Hand wants Cerise, and she and William must fight the monsters they send her way to keep her safe and to save her family.

This is another installment to the series that I found to have an incredibly slow start.  The trip through the swamps to get to Sicktree seemed to take forever and I just couldn’t get interested in it at all.  With all the made up creatures such as the rolpies and the engineered beasts from the Sect and the Hand I felt like I was in the middle of a sci-fi novel and that is just not my thing.

But once they arrive at Cerise’s home, the Rathole, the story truly begins.  We meet her eccentric family that has so many interesting characters that’s it’s hard to keep up with them all.  The cousin William couldn’t stand, Kaldar, was actually my favorite.  I thought he was a fun character and I’d make a bet with him any day to get the outcomes I want!  From the court hearing on, I couldn’t help, but like him.

“Well, shit,” Dobe said. “I guess you’re familiar with the law. You hit it over the head, set its house on fire, and got its sister pregnant.”

Kaldar’s matchmaking was a lot of fun to.

The romance between William and Cerise was a slow built one, but it made it all that more enjoyable when they did come together.  I really enjoyed William and am happy to see that after all the horrible things and terrible treatment he’s lived through that he can finally be happy with the girl he loves.

“Oh, Gods.”

His eyes shone with want and predatory satisfaction. “The name’s William. It’s a common mistake.”