Sinners of Saint, Book #4

By L.J. Shen

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*Beware of possible spoilers*

Bane was everything.

“Naked Surfer.  Habitual pothead.  A con, a liar, a thief and a fraud.”

Bane has made himself into an entrepreneur.  He started from humble beginnings, but has big dreams.  He’s made himself from nothing, using whatever means available to him, even if those means aren’t always moral or even legal.  He owns a small cafe, a hotel he recently purchased, but his big dream is a surf park, SurfCity.  He will do anything to get the funding he needs to make it happen.  He just never realized it would involve a beautiful girl he wanted years ago.  A girl who is now broken, some would say beyond repair.

Bane has found an investor.  Darren Morgansen agreed to give Bane six million dollars without even blinking an eye.  His only request is for Bane to help his step-daughter, Jesse, get over the horror she’s been through and bring her back to the world of the living.  The only thing he insists is that Bane can’t have sex with Jesse!  Bane thinks it will be easy, and after hearing her story he knows it’s something he’d do for free.

Shortly after seeing Jesse that one day on the beach when he wanted her for himself, Jesse was brutally raped by her boyfriend and a couple of his buddies.  Being a child of rape, it hits home for Bane and he will do whatever he can to help her and hurt those that want to harm her.

However, Bane never expected to fall in love with Jesse.  He has sex for a living for crying out loud!  But now it’s happened and he must choose between her and all of his dreams.  But when the truth comes out about why he started hanging out with Jesse to begin with, he could lose everything.  Even the girl!

“The liar. The con. The thief. The escort. 

I wore many hats, playing people like they were my favorite instrument. They say you win some, you lose some, but the latter, I’d never really experienced. Not until I’d gained something that actually mattered.

Fuck it. I would lose my pants, and my properties, and my business, but not her. Not Jesse.”

I absolutely loved Bane!  He’s a cocky smart ass, whores himself out for the right price, but yet is so loyal and loving too.  I loved watching his relationship with Jesse progress and seeing his struggles to stick to the contract he signed.  He gave a valiant effort, but some desires can’t be denied!  I loved seeing how protective he was of Jesse as well.  And, couldn’t wait until he got his hands on the boys that raped her.

My heart broke for him when the truth came out about Darren and Bane’s contract.  He wanted to come clean, but Jesse turned from him, as expected.

Jesse had been through so much pain and heartache.  I find it unbelievable that she was raped and went through what happened in the past as well.  Maybe the one thing too far to be realistic, but I loved this book anyway.  I couldn’t imagine becoming the town pariah over something you had no control over, like she did.  Her own mother seemed to turn on her even, although her mom was never really much of a mom anyway.

I’m glad that Jesse found comfort with Bane when she did because she sure needed it.  I love how the two of them pulled each other out of hiding.  They were truly perfect for one another and I only wish there was more to read from these two!

This was another great book from Shen and I can’t wait to read more!  I have not read any of the Sinners of Saint series before this book, but I will be adding them to my ever-growing to be read list!  Thanks to the author for another great read!

*OBS would like to thank the author and social butterfly pr for a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*