Baby, I’m Howling for You

Alphaville, Book #1

By Christine Warren

ISBN# 9781250120724

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Wolf shifter, Renny Landry, is on the run.  She’s been stalked by a crazy coyote shifter for the last several months.  It has gotten so bad that she quit her job and moved out of town, but he continues to find her.  Now he’s sent a hunting party after her to bring her back to him.  They have chased her through two states and she’s desperately trying to get to Alpha, Washington, a sanctuary for shifters in trouble.  She’s so close when her car runs out of gas, but the coyotes are on her tail, and she must make a run for it.

Mick Fischer left his home eight years ago after his own grandfather killed his mate.  He now lives in Alpha and writes graphic novels.  He is very much the lone wolf of the community.  However, all of that is about to change once he sees a coyote nearly kill a wolf shifter on his property.  He scares the coyote off, but the female wolf is badly injured.  He takes her in and gets help for her badly bleeding wounds.

“ I’m going to take a look around outside while Molly bandages up the victim. I’ll need to ask her a hell of a lot of questions, but they can wait till she’s conscious.”

“You’ll get better answers that way,” Jaeger said, mouth curving.”


Mick can’t get over the resemblances between Renny and his deceased mate.  And, his inner wolf is adamant that this stranger is their mate, but that can’t be … he already had his mate and lost her.

It doesn’t take long for Mick to realize the trouble that Renny is in.   Not to mention, his past he has tried all these years to forget, comes back to haunt him, once he realizes the crazy coyote after Renny was his mate’s half-brother.  He has now taken over the territory that Mick vacated after doling out his vengeance.  And, Geoffrey is not taking no for an answer when it comes to Renny!  The town of Alpha must all come together to protect their newest resident.  And, Mick knows that he won’t survive losing another mate.  Geoffrey must be destroyed, but they have to find him first!

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a shifter story, but I always enjoy them.  This book was no exception.  It wasn’t my favorite of reads, but it was a decent start to a new series.  Although I found it, a bit predictable and the characters got a bit too wordy and over descriptive in their thoughts, at times.

Renny is a bit of a contradiction though.  She wanted to come off as a tough cookie, but always ended up the damsel in distress instead.  She got all mad at Mick for not letting her have a say in how they handled the situation, but then when he took her along to the big planning meeting toward the end of the book, she didn’t want to be there.  Make up your mind, girl, you either want to be a part of the process or you don’t!

Mick is what you’d expect from an alpha male; overprotective!  Once he quit trying to fight what he was feeling for Renny, he went all in, and wasn’t going to let anything come between them.  He was also a bit of a horndog too 🙂 , also expected!

Overall, this was a decent read.  I think there is a lot of room for improvement going forward in this series, so hopefully we’ll see that.  I’m really hoping the next one won’t be as predictable and I can just get lost in the shifter sexiness!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*