Autumn Moon

Celtic Wolves, Book #3

By Jan Delima

ISBN# 9780425266229

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autumn-moon-dan-delimaI sure do love me a good shifter series!  And the Celtic Wolves never fail to entertain me!

Elen has always been an outcast, even though her brother is alpha of their shifter pack.  The villagers fear her abilities, especially since she stripped a Guardian of his wolf and gave it to Cormack, giving him the ability he’d always been denied, to shift!  But she feels it was an unwanted gift as he’s been avoiding her ever since.

The leader of the Guardians, Pendaran, has been trying to court Elen ever since he saw her display of power.  She is no fool, she knows he wants her abilities not her.  She has put him off as long as she can, but now she’s going to have to face him.  But her brother, Dylan, refuses to leave her vulnerable and assigns Cormack as her guard.  But right as Elen and Cormack’s relationship starts to bloom she is taken.  Her pack thinks she’s dead.  Will they ever learn the truth and free her from her prison?

This is another strong installment in the Celtic Wolves series.  The characters and storyline draw you in and don’t let go.  Especially once you hit the climax in the final several chapters!!

I really enjoyed the relationship between Cormack and Elen, it’s a sweet gentle kind of love.  One that doesn’t hide behind appearances.

I also really loved how Cormack was with Saran, knowing exactly what she’s going through, not being able to call her own wolf!

The teasers for the next book have me intrigued and I can’t wait to dive in!

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