3 Star rating
Archangel’s Storm
Guild Hunter, Book #5
By Nalini Singh
ISBN# 9780575119499
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

archangels-storm-guild-hunter-nalini-singhJason is one of Raphael’s Seven, he sticks to the shadows and is always privy to what’s going on, making him the perfect spymaster.  Tragedy struck him at a young age forcing him to grow up fast forgoing any semblance of a childhood.  It has forced him to grow up hard and to put an impenetrable shell around himself and his heart, letting no one in that could cause him to feel the pain he felt as a child.  If he doesn’t love, then he can’t mourn the loss.

Mahiya has grown up in her Aunt Neha’s court after the death of her mother, Nivriti.  Even though she is a princess, it hasn’t been a happy life for Mahiya.  Neha has always seen her as a weapon to use against her unfaithful consort, Eris, who is actually Mahiya’s father.  Neha spends her days punishing them both for Eris’s and Nivriti’s betrayal.

But when Eris is found murdered, Jason volunteers his services to find the killer and to keep an eye on Neha in the process.  But the only way Jason is allowed in Neha’s territory is for him to make a blood vow to Mahiya, which he quickly agrees to for the duration of his investigation.  But he never expected this delicate princess to penetrate his shields of obsidian and to make him feel once again.

After reading Dmitri’s story in Archangel’s Blade, I had high expectations for this novel.  And, it was a good story, but it had a pretty slow start for me.  The mystery took a long time to figure out and it was a struggle to keep my interest.  I just found things to really drag.  It did get better once Jason and Mahiya started giving in to their desires, but it took some time to get to that point, as their relationship had a very slow buildup. But the book ended well and I found that I did enjoy it.

We learned more about the intricacies of Neha in this book.  We discovered the betrayals that she has had to face and the things that have made her the difficult and sometimes mean archangel that she has become.  Unfortunately she enjoys taking out those horrors on the innocent reminder of those traitorous acts, Mahiya.

Mahiya has definitely had a difficult life having to overcome the sins of the father (and mother).  She has an inner strength that most people don’t see because of the apparent weakness she appears to project to others, thanks in huge part to Neha herself.

I’ve really grown to like Jason over the course of the series.  This book was no exception.  He really shows his strength and seeing the glimpses of his past were heart-wrenching.  It’s great to finally see something that can penetrate that heart of stone.

“I have so much love inside me, Jason. So much. And I have never been allowed to shower it on anyone—no one has wanted it. Let me stretch the wings of my heart with you.”

Another thing that I really enjoyed in this book, even though it didn’t really bring anything to the plot, was the glimpses of Dmitri and Honor.  I was a little sad that we hadn’t gotten to see their wedding or her transformation in their book, so I was ecstatic to see some of it now!

I didn’t feel this book was as good as Archangel’s Blade, but it was still enjoyable and worth the read.