4 star rating
Archangel’s Shadows
Guild Hunter, Book #7
By Nalini Singh
ISBN# 9780425251171
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archangels-shadows-nalini-singhGuild Hunter, Ashwini, is careful who she comes into contact with because just a simple touch can flood her with a person’s memories and thoughts.  As you can imagine, some of those thoughts and images she sees can be pretty ugly.  She doesn’t have that problem with her favorite repeat collar, Janvier.  She isn’t affected when the sexy Cajun touches her, well not in that way at least!  Although he does have the tendency to scramble her brains a bit, filling her with all kinds of sexy images from her own imagination!

Ash, Janvier, and, Naasir made a great team during the battle, even if Ash did get hurt.  Something that still haunts Janvier.  He could have lost her.  Mortals are just too fragile and he will do anything to convince her to become a vampire.  Her star cannot go out!

And when Ash’s new, easy, assignment turns out to be more than they expected.  Ash and Janvier will get to work together once again.

It started with the discovery of a drained mummified dog, but then a human is found in the same condition.  Ash and Janvier, with the help of the Tower and the Guild, must get to the bottom of what is happening, and fast!  But neither of them were prepared for the torture that these victims have been put through.

I’ll admit it, I did get downright giddy when I saw that this book was going to be about Ash and Janvier!  I love the cat and mouse game that their relationship is!  And this book did not disappoint!

I absolutely love Janvier.  He’s a lot of fun and I love watching him flirt with Ash, even if he can be a bit crude at times.  You can feel his love for her from the very first page of this book all the way to the end.  The thought of losing her to spend eternity alone, is a dagger straight to his heart.

I found the mystery in this one to be quite entertaining and it kept me interested throughout the book.  And the steamy scenes between Janvier and Ash didn’t hurt either!

The killers in this book were pretty depraved and sickening.  Smart, but a typical case of using your skills for evil!  I’m glad that Raphael can be so ruthless in his punishments at times, although they deserved Dimitri’s kind of torture!!

This was a solid read that left me with a goofy grin on my face when I was finished!  Any Guild Hunter fan will be sure to enjoy it!  Especially if they enjoy sexy Cajuns!  Full Throttle.

Now I’m left wondering who the next book will be about.  Naasir? Keir?  Or my favorite angel, Illium? The anticipation is killing me already!

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