3 Star rating
Archangel’s Kiss
Guild Hunter, Book #2
By Nalini Singh
ISBN# 9780425233368
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archangels-kiss-guild-hunter-nalini-singhElena has recently awakened from her coma after that terrible fight that left her broken and unconscious.  She has now awoken as an angel, one created by Raphael’s love.  Now there are those out there even in the refuge he’s been keeping her at that would like nothing better than to harm Elena, as a way to get to him.  She is his biggest weakness.

There have been several brutal attacks orchestrated to bait the Archangels against one another.  And, the threat to Elena is clear with the use of guild daggers being embedded in victims and even in places that Elena frequents.  But Raphael will do anything to protect her.

But the biggest threat of all comes via an invitation to a ball being thrown in Elena’s honor.  Hosted by the ancient Archangel, Lijuan, who isn’t exactly sane anymore.  She is known to feed her guests to her pets, the reborn she has brought back to life.  Raphael sees it as the threat that it is, but knows they cannot show any signs of weakness.  Therefore, they must attend.  Now Raphael and his seven are in a deadline to get Elena strong enough to fly and defend herself with her new body before the ball is upon them.

There were parts of this book that I liked, and others that I really didn’t.  It left me just liking this book, not really loving it, but not hating it either, but somewhere in between.  Being a Singh book, I was disappointed overall.

I of course loved Elena and Raphael.  But sometimes he annoys me with his holier than thou attitude toward Elena, you’re my mate now and you have to deal with me kind of orders.  I do enjoy that she fights back, standing up for herself.  And, yes I’m aware that Elena isn’t the only one that has had changes in her life and that it will be an adjustment for Raphael as well, and that he will have to learn to be less domineering in time.  I do like to see his protective side though, which we saw plenty of in this book.

The day to day life in the refuge got a bit mundane in this book, leaving me feeling like I was playing a game of Sims, and the same thing was happening over and over again:  training, Raphael teasing Elena and telling her she isn’t strong enough for him, her taking a shower/bath, going to bed, and Elena’s nightmares.

Needless to say, I was glad when the ball was upon us for some action and something different.  But it really wasn’t that exciting to me.

I really wanted to like this book more than I did so I’m just hoping the series improves from here.  I did enjoy book one, Angels’ Blood better so I know the Guild Hunter series has the potential to be great!