Archangel’s Heart

Guild Hunter, Book #9

By Nalini Singh

ISBN# 9780451488008

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archangels-heart-guild-hunter-nalini-singhIt’s been two years since anybody in the Cadre has seen Zhou Lijuan and the Luminata has now called the Cadre into session.  When Lijuan doesn’t show up the Cadre must decide what to do with her lands as bloodlust is starting to crop up.

Elena is excited to go on the trip to Lumia with Raphael as it’s in Morocco where her grandmother is from.  She is going to take the opportunity to search for ties to her family and try to discover what exactly happened to her grandmother and what left her to leave Elena’s mother behind.

Lumia is supposed to be a place where individuals go to find inner peace or luminescence. However, soon after arriving Elena and Raphael feel a deep wrongness about the place.  And, everyone looks at Elena like they’ve seen a ghost.  A ghost that nobody is allowed to talk about.  And a trip to the nearby village shows them that the mortals are terrified of the angels.  Raphael and Elena don’t know what’s going on, but they are determined to find out!

I found this book to have a slow start and it struggled to keep my interest.  It wasn’t that it was bad, but it was just too easy to put the book down as I became bored with the monotony of what was going on around our favorite consorts.  There were no steamy sex scenes like we’re used to from Nalini Singh; not a single one!

My interest did pick up a bit once Elena and Raphael’s investigation picked up speed.  I don’t want to give away too much, but what they find will change their lives forever, not to mention, unveils the corruption within the Luminata.  It will be up to the Cadre to decide if the brotherhood is even worth saving.

Aodhan joins Raphael and Elena on this trip so we get to learn more about him and just how scarred he was in the past.  It’s nice to see him reach out to someone as equally damaged to help them come out on the other side.  I hope we get to read more about his new friend in future installments of the series.

This novel leaves us with an ominous prediction of the future in regard to Lijuan, one I’m sure will come to pass sooner rather than later.  Let’s just hope everyone will be ready for it.

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