2 star rating
Archangel’s Consort
Guild Hunter, Book #3
By Nalini Singh
ISBN# 9780575095779
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archangels-consort-guild-hunter-nalini-singhThe last time Raphael saw his mother, she left him bloody and broken in a desolate field over a thousand years ago.  Nobody knows for sure what happened to Caliane after that, but there are several rumors floating around.

Now strange things are happening.  From vampires and angels acting unusually violent to extreme weather plaguing the world and causing mass destruction.  Things that are rumored to happen when a sleeping ancient awakes.  Could it be Caliane coming back to claim her son?

I honestly don’t know what’ wrong with me.  I love Nalini Singh.  I thoroughly enjoyed her Psy-Changeling series.  There were always a few installments here and there that didn’t speak to me, but overall it’s a great series.  Now I’m reading Guild Hunter.  So far, the only one I’ve liked is the first one, Angels’ Blood.  These last two have been pretty dull for me and I just can’t figure out why I haven’t been able to get into them. Especially when it seems like everybody else has loved them!

I found much of the storyline of Archangel’s Consort to be a recycled rendition of book 2, Archangel’s Kiss.  Somebody is killing innocents and they have to figure out who it is, only to realize it’s some powerful being that they are unsure if they can defeat.  The only difference is that Singh added a few familial elements; Raphael’s mom and the discovery about Elena’s sister, Evelyn.

There was more sex in this installment.  The initial few sex scenes made me groan though because I hate how bossy and uncompromising Raphael can be in intimate situations; like it’s admitting some kind of defeat by doing what Elena wants once in awhile.  He did get better later in the book, but I’m sure it will continue to come up throughout the series.  But we did finally get to see how angels dance 🙂 .

There is still no resolution with Lijuan.  She continues to be a threat and they can never seem to neutralize her.  I feel that we are going to be in a repetitive cycle with the storylines until she is taken care of.  Now we’ve added another all powerful being in the form of Raphael’s mom.  And, for the moment she seems like she won’t be a problem, but that could change in a blink of an eye.

I really hope that we get a new plot in the next installment, Archangel’s Blade, and that I can get back to really enjoying the series.