4 star rating
Aphrodite: Goddess of Love
Olympians, Book #6
By George O’Connor
ISBN# 9781596437395
Author’s Website: http://geooco.blogspot.com/

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Behold the wondrous beauty of Aphrodite, goddess of love and embodiment of the intangible Eros. A creature born of pure force and destined for power and fame, so lovely that the earth and all its inhabitants bend to please her.

Pitted against Athena, warrior goddess, and Hera, goddess of the heavens, the lovely cunning Aphrodite must find a way to outwit her opponents in a high-stakes beauty contest, the outcome of which will affect the destiny of mortals and gods alike. Will she do what she must do to succeed? After all, all’s fair, in love, war, and vanity…


“In the time before time, there was nothing, Koas. From out of Koas came Ge, or Gaea, our mother Earth. But she was not alone.”

The comic starts with a small recap of the events in Zeus: King of Gods, but know the Charites tell the story of how Aphrodite came to be.

Aphrodite has a different parentage than the rest of the gods of Olympus. She was born from Eros, who was seated in Oranos, but was ripped out of him when Kronos attacked him. This essence fell into the sea where it stayed for a long time until it created a mind of its own. In other words, Aphrodite, could be the Olympian closer to Oranos than the other eleven.

The author makes it clear that Zeus doesn’t see Aphrodite the same way the other male gods see her, he sees her as a threat of war between gods. We see this the instant that she meets the gods. The goddesses don’t like her and the gods like her too much.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, but like O’Connor writes, love can create jealousy and jealousy creates hate.  Love goes hand in hand with war and this can be seen also with Aphrodite and Ares, as the lovers that they are. I believe that if Zeus wouldn’t have married her with Hephaistos, Ares and she would have gotten married, but that would have given too much power to Ares and that is something that Zeus didn’t want.

This volume shows us minor gods, like the Charites, Eros II and Eris. The Charites and Eros, or Cupid to the Romans, serve under Aphrodite, but Eris is the daughter of another being. She is the daughter of Nyx, the night, and Erebus, the darkness, in the same level as Gaea, in some stories she is daughter of Zeus and Hera.

The colors of the comic match well with the concept of love, they are light in some scenes and darker in others. The cover has Aphrodite coming out of the sea and holding the golden apple that set events on course that will affect all of Olympus. If you don’t know or understand scenes from the comic, the author explains the scenes at the end of it.

I recommend you to read Aphrodite the Goddess of Love, to know how love was born, see what love does, what happens when somebody stops receiving the same amount of love and the things one does for love.

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