Any Love But Mine
Debbie Davies
ISBN # 1470112707

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Lindsay

This book grabbed me from the very first chapter.  I was instantly drawn into Acacia’s unfortunate situation and had to keep reading to find out more.  Imagine you were created by the King of the Gods for one purpose, to be a mate for Eros, the God of Love.  However, Eros, who is still stricken with love for a Goddess he cannot have, casts you away without as much as a glance in your direction.  This is the harsh reality of Acacia’s life.  Rejected by Eros, she is forced to Earth with the other two Eros rejects to work as a matchmaker pairing up humans for a lifetime of love.  Although Eros has no interest in Acacia, she still belongs to him and therefore is not allowed to find love herself or even so much as date.  This sounds like a fate worse then hell to me but a good story line for the book none the less.

Living on earth as a teenager in a small high school, Acacia begins her mundane life pairing up humans using their colored auras.  Until one day she spots a student with no aura.  Josh, as he is known, sparks feelings and emotions Acacia never knew she possessed considering she was only created for one purpose.  However, when Eros is told of Acacia and Josh’s budding relationship by one of her fellow rejects, he warns/reminds her that she belongs to him and must never see Josh again.  As any other young woman in love, Acacia is determined to continue seeing Josh and accompany him to the Autumn Ball at school.  When Eros sends her to Hades, the King of the Underworld, to answer for her indiscretion, Acacia soon realizes there’s more to the story than 2 teenagers falling in love.

I enjoyed this book.  Davies paints a vivid picture of Acacia’s rejection and cast off by Eros.  The first chapter makes you sympathetic to her unfortunate life and tugs at your heart as you are taken into Acacia’s mind as she watches her fate decided for her.  After the first chapter, I had to continue reading to find out what happens to her.  Although the timeframe of the book is only a few weeks, Acacia’s dramatic tale makes it seem longer as the emotional rollercoaster the author takes you on and almost leaves you exhausted by the end of the book.  Any Love But Mine is a fast pace love story that throws you into another world and leaves you wanting more at the end.  I will admit that is the only downfall to the book:  the ending is abrupt and leaves you feeling like there is more to the story.  Hopefully there will be,  as Acacia’s happily ever after is still up to the Gods.