Once again we are asked to decide between Edward Cullen and Eric Northman. This time at InStyle.com.
So who will win? Team ‘Twilight’? Team ‘True Blood’? ‘Team Robert Pattinson’? Team ‘Alexander Skarsgard’?

They are looking at five specifically things, they compare:
– their hair (Edward: Textured, deep-auburn, and entirely free-standing. Eric: His hair is sleek, side-parted, and entirely in control.)
– their teeth (Edward: brilliantly white, razor-sharp and coated with incapacitating venom. Eric: Eric’s canines descend into full-blown Dracula mode.)
– their eyes (Edward: Dark honey gold. Eric: Icy blue.)
– their tast in clothes (Edward: Hoodies, cargo pants, aviators. Eric: Typical dungeon master attire.) and
– their taste in women. (Edward: Bella Swan. Eric: Sookie Stackhouse.)
Little help: you have to click the ‘next’ button to get to vote on.

What do you think – who will win? And what did you vote?