Annihilation Road 

Torpedo Ink, Book #6 

By Christine Feehan

ISBN: 9780593333204

Author Website: christinefeehan(.)com

*Caution: Book contains BDSM*

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


Back to back stories! Wow, this was a lot to take in.

In Annihilation Road, Seychelle Dubois meets Savage Pajari when she pushes him and a child out of harm’s way from an oncoming truck. Savage immediately notices that Seychelle is special, making sure she is taken care of before she is taken to the hospital, but not before being questioned by deputy sheriff Jackson Deveau. At the hospital, Savage gets access to Seychelle’s room by telling the nurses that he is her fiance. 

Once in there, Savage sees Seychelle’s broken and bruised body due to saving him. He can’t understand why she risked her life for him, but Seychelle lets him know it was worth it. Savage is hypnotized by Seychelle’s voice and the way his name has a melody to it when she says it.  Savage’s body reacts to Seychelle in a way he never thought it possible and the only thing he can think of doing is leaving her to heal while he looks for release elsewhere. Something Savage notices from their hospital encounter is how Seychelle seems to have a healing feeling in her presence.   

Savage doesn’t stay away for too long and soon after finds Seychelle working as a singer in one of the local bars, but he isn’t the only one who noticed her beautiful voice. Among her fans there are two who harbor more than fandom for Seychelle: Brandon Campbell, who is very persuasive, and Joseph Arnold, her resident stalker who is posing as a talent scout. Joseph is very persistent and doesn’t like Savage introducing himself as Seychelle’s fiance. 

Torpedo Ink’s resident musicians invite Seychelle to sing with them, in hopes of a possible permanent position in their band. As Savage and Seychelle get to know each other more, Savage struggles with his past and it interferes in their relationship. After being together for a while, their differences lead them to break up. Seychelle yearns for a family of her own, someone she can trust and be with just like her parents. She is ready to settle down, but Savage can’t give her what she wants, he can’t be fully honest with her yet. Interestingly enough, this may be the first book where a couple struggle being together and trusting each other due to the MC. Seychelle has never been in a relationship and wants to experience it with Savage, but his rank in the club makes it difficult for her to understand why he can’t give her his full attention.

During this book, we mainly get to know Seychelle and Savage. We’ve heard briefly about Savage in previous books here and there, but we don’t get to really know his story until now. We learn how much Seychelle likes helping the community, especially the seniors that remind her of her deceased parents. Throughout the story we get bits of information on Seychelle’s psychic healing gift, which worries Savage when he learns how hurtful it can be to her. Something else that worries him is introducing Seychelle to his BDSM world.

This was a very intense book, and it’s only part one! There’s tension between Savage and Seychelle trying to figure out their relationship, her gift, and BDSM. And then there’s tension between Seychelle and Torpedo Ink due to Seychelle feeling left out. Not to mention the handful of enemies Seychelle acquired all of a sudden. Oof, we’re still not done yet, and although a couple of things are resolved in this book, Savage and Seychelle’s story continues in Savage Road!