Blood Noir by Laurell K Hamilton 3 Stars (out of 4)

MUCH better than the last couple of books. We’re back to a plot that makes a little more sense. There were a couple of issues that I felt went unresolved, but maybe she left it that way to not insult our intelligence. I mean, it was obvious who Jason’s sister saw making out with another man!

There was a much better balance of plot v. sex in this book and we are still continuing the plot line with Marmee Noir.

Not enough Jean Claude in this book, however. This one was all about the relationship between Anita and Jason and how that develops. Also a pivotal shift with Anita and Richard. I’m looking forward to seeing how that goes in the next book.


Vladimir Tod Ninth Grade Slays 3 stars (out of 4)

I am really enjoying this series. It reminds me quite a bit of the Harry Potter series: boy’s parents die when he’s young before he understands his powers. He finds out he is being hunted by someone and fears for his safety until he discovers this man is really his uncle who is on the lam. He later finds out that he is “the chosen one” of sorts and the most powerful vampire wants him dead. Not to mention each book covers one year in school. See? Told you it was a lot like Harry Potter!

Flirt by Laurell K Hamilton

This a short one, an “in between” if you will. I haven’t finished reading it, but I’m about half way through after just 2 hours at the beach and the pool.

At this rate I’m gonna need more books!!!