You are a big fan of ‘True Blood’? You would love to have your own Vampire? Your own Eric? Your own Sookie? Your own Lafayette? So here is something funny for you – I suggest you’ll love the first two paper-dolls, drawn by Andy Swist, which you can print out, dress up and play with.

Andy Swist is an illustrator/graphic designer living in Brooklyn, New York. He has a versatile style and is amazingly talented. He is crazy about Sookie Stackhouse books and the HBO ‘True Blood’ series! At his blog we can also read that last Halloween he made pumpkin carving stencils of Sookie, Bill and Lafayette. And he wanted to make an illustration out of it.
And earlier this week, he did! And here it is! His Paper-doll SET #1: Lafayette and Pam.

And he promised that there will be added new characters every week until Season 2 finale of ‘True Blood’.

Source to get to the downloads HERE

I love this idea! What ails you? Are you going to print the paper-dolls out? Or do you think this is childish?