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Fuming with rage and bitterness six friends band together to avenge the destruction of a small human settlement. Through sheer determination and stoic resolve they succeed, though at what cost? Because of their actions, one of them will fall to the enemy and Velthanjantle, the demonic avatar of Kargonis is resurrected. Though weak, the demon breaks free to reign havoc once again upon the world.

Awakenings was an enticing book that draws you in from the beginning to end. Andrew takes no time in getting the the actions and meat of the story, but holds back enough to keep the reader interested in the story.

For someone who really likes books such as Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Awakenings throws my mind into the heavy detailed reading that some readers may find difficult. The actions is so heavy detailed that I can imagine the blood, sweat and pain that the characters are feeling.

Andrew spent a great deal of time fleshing out the character’s individual stories, allowing them great character development, rather than simply writing with no idea who his characters are (like some new writers). My favorite character, for unknown reasons other than being an elf and the first character you meet, is Eldorion. Maybe I’m just bias and love elves because of their pointy ears, but getting back to the book, there are so many character’s and none of them feel underdeveloped so much that they couldn’t be a favorite character.

Everything in this fantastical world was thought out before hand, the true makings of a D&D player, and the reader may find themselves sucked into this magical world of magic and races. If you love role-playing, Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft or even Tolkein type genres, than Awakenings is a great read.

Overall a good book and I hope the next one is as good and detailed, because I have a ton of questions that need answers. (Somehow this makes me feel how people must have felt waiting years between “Luke I am your father” and the third Star Wars film)

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