Penny Dreadful

Season 2, Episode 10

Episode Title: And They Were Enemies

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Penny Dreadful contains: Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, Frightening/Intense Scenes.


The episode starts with the viewer seeing Sembene dead. Hecate spies from the bottom of the stairs, how Lucifer, through the puppet, tries to pursue Vanessa into giving him her soul. He shows Vanessa her deepest desire, which is to have a normal life, a family. She sees herself with two kids, a boy and a girl, and married to Ethan. Meanwhile, Sir Malcolm and Victor are captured by the illusions, and try to kill themselves. Sir Malcolm with a gun in his mouth and Víctor with drugs. Vanessa breaks free from the trance and starts to fight the puppet. Both of them speak Verbis Diablo, but in the end Vanessa wins and the puppet breaks, scorpions come out of it.


Evelyn starts to age and tries to kill Vanessa, but Hecate releases Ethan. Ethan goes in and kills Evelyn by cutting her throat. He walks up to Vanessa and they stare at each other for a moment. Vanessa touches his face and he seems to come into his senses, but then flees. Mr. Lyle kills the Nightcomer and goes to rescue Sir Malcolm and Victor, who got free from the spell when the puppet broke. Sir Malcolm kills the last Nightcomer as they go to find Vanessa, and find Sembene dead.


After everybody leaves, Hecate goes into the puppet room and takes the box with the tools to make puppets, she throws a candle, making the house burn down as she leaves singing the song that Evelyn sang once.

In the wax museum, Mr. and Mrs. Putney tries to make a deal with Caliban, so he will join them in their new show. They propose money and books, so he can take care of the other freaks they are going to get. But Caliban breaks out of the cage and kills Mrs. Putney by breaking her neck, and takes Mr. Putney and smashes his face against the pillars until he dies. Lavinia arrives to the room looking for her parents and taunts Caliban as she walks into the room. He leaves her in the dungeon to find her parents dead as he leaves the wax museum.


Victor arrives to his house to find out that Lily left and goes to Dorian’s house to find her. Once there, both of them are dancing in the ballroom. When he tells her to come home with him, she declines and starts to mock him. Victor gets angry and shoots her, when she flinches, she tells him that he did a good job creating her and that she knew all along about everything. Victor then shoots Dorian and is surprised when he also doesn’t mind. They let Victor go after they tell him that he can be useful in the future, when they try to take over.


Next morning, Sir Malcolm tells Vanessa that he is going to take Sembene’s body to Africa. She goes to her room and finds Ethan waiting for her. He asks her if she knows what he is, and she replies that yes. Vanessa asks him to stay with her when Sir Malcolm leaves. He says that he is going to think about it, but the next morning she finds a note from him. Ethan goes to the Police and confesses for the killings. Inspector Rusk shows him an extradition order for him. It seems that he was also working for his father.


We see Victor using more drugs, even after he cannot find veins in his arm and starts to use the in between in his fingers. Meanwhile, Vanessa goes to see Caliban in the tunnels, but finds him packing. When she asks where he is going, he tells her he’s going away from mankind. He asks her to go with him, but she tells him that she only brings pain to those around her and she doesn’t want that for him, not to suffer. She kisses him goodbye and tells him,

“I think that you are the most human man I ever known.”


We see Sir Malcolm, Caliban, and Ethan each in a different boat sailing away. Sir Malcolm with Sembene’s coffin to Africa; Caliban, like in the Mary Shelley’s novel, in a boat sailing over the Arctic, and Ethan in a cage with his hair cut and being watched by inspector Rusk as they travel to America.


Ethan’s voice narrates the letter he left for Vanessa as she goes over the house putting the lamps out. When she gets to her room, she throws the crucifix into the fire of the chimney. The episode ends with Vanessa, as she looks out the window and says, “So we walk alone,” like Ethan said in his letter,


“Dear Vanessa,

Your many kindest I will always carry with me, such generosity has not been a part of my life, and I thank you for your affection and understating. In my most frightening and lonely moments you were there, and such light you brought to me. But I’m made for the dark as we both know, I’m fit for only once place and should have been there a long ago; deep in the cold clay on a forgotten hill. Your road might be difficult, but mine is doomed. So we walk alone.

Written with love, Ethan.”


The second season of Penny Dreadful has ended. In my opinion, it was a good season. There were more special effects, and the Verbis Diablo was great. I do not think that this is the end for Sembene, I feel that I have read his story somewhere, but I’m not sure. If he really is dead, then I’m not going to be happy, there has to be more of his past history. Is he a shaman? Will he come back from the dead? I hope we can find out next season. The new power couple of Lily and Dorian give the impression to be the new villains for next season, only that Lily appears more evil that Dorian. Will it be wrong to say that I was happy to hear Lavinia’s screams when she found her parents? Just like in the book “the Creature” goes far away to a cold place, I liked that they included that part. I knew that Inspector Rusk was too adamant with Ethan being the top suspect of the killings, he was working for Ethan’s dad all along. They cut Ethan’s hair, what a shame. Hecate, dear Hecate, what are you going to do now? Are you going to make your own coven? I hope we see her next season. What did you think of this season’s last episode and the entire second season of Penny Dreadful? Are you excited for next year’s season? Let us know in the comments and remember to guard your soul, you never know who wants it.


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