4 star

An Actor’s Life  

By  Duncan Whitehead

ISBN13:  9780982964910

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Synopsis:    An Actors Life

It is Oscar night and Hollywood holds its breath to see if Sir Michael Brookes not only wins the best actor but also the best supporting actor award, which would take his tally of Academy Award wins to an unprecedented six….meanwhile his biggest fan and fellow actor Terry Sparkes watches the ceremony alone in his dingy London flat unaware that this evening will change his life forever……but have Terry’s and Sir Michael’s paths crossed before?

A short story of approximately 7,500 words.


An Actor’s Life is my first foray into the writings of Duncan Whitehead.  This was a very quick read (under an hour) and I have probably pondered longer on what to write than how long it took for me to read.

I really enjoyed Whitehead’s writing style. I was engaged and entertained throughout.  As well, the story felt well rounded with a beginning, middle and end that fit together.  Generally when I read a short story, I do not get closure on the story or feel like too much is left out….but in this instance….it is definitely not the case.

The flashback from Terry’s days gone by was interesting and I loved how it was brought back in to play at the very end.

I can say with no hesitation, I would definitely not want to be an actor.  What they go through to even gain a modicum of success seems very difficult on one’s self esteem, as can be seen by the fate of all the cast members that Terry worked with.

A well written short story which will definitely have me seeking out more of Mr. Whiteheads stories.