THE ALPHA WOLF has a great article on the Alpha Wolf.

There are many different kinds of werewolves, and the Alpha Wolf is just one. Although some may argue the Alpha Wolf is the most important and powerful kind of werewolf there is.

Historically the Alpha werewolf is a shape changing creature that can become wolf by rubbing an ointment on themselves or by wearing a charm. Other ancient legends point to heredity playing a big part in the Alpha wolves. These legends state that one can only be an Alpha wolf if they are born into it. The legend also states that it can sometimes skip a generation, leaving some members of the family in complete unchanging human form. Should a new generation have the Alpha wolf gene passed onto them, it usually does not show up until puberty. Those who become Alpha wolves this way are thought to have supernatural strength and even some psychic abilities.

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Great article. We don’t see enough information on werewolves because the focus is on the vampires. I’ve always thought the pack from The Twilight Saga is very interesting. Jacob didn’t want to be the Alpha, have gave it up to Sam.

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