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Autumn: When did you get the idea for Legacy of a Dreamer and what inspired you to write it?

Allie Jean : Well, the idea of the whole Dreamer series came to me when I was a little girl. Just so happened, there had been a shadow in my room when I was young in the shape of a man. No, I wasn’t crazy. Actually, it freaked me out at first and I called for my dad to investigate. He’d flipped on all of the lights and showed me no one was there. Yet the shadow reappeared each night. As my mind wandered – as it tends to do frequently – I thought I’d be cool if the shadowed man happened to be real. Hence, the Dreamer series had been born.

The writing of the story has been a bit more tricky. Over the years, the plot line developed in my mind, but I didn’t start actually putting “pen to paper” for many years. I was encouraged by a friend to enter a competition the publishing house was offering, and I took the chance with Legacy of a Dreamer. I ended up winning a contract and the rest is history, as they say.

Autumn: What is your writing process like? Do you use any music or pictures for inspiration? Do you outline the story first or let it take shape naturally?

Allie Jean : Every story I’ve written comes out differently. I’ve written to nothing but the sounds of my children playing in the pool, letting my mind create the tale as my fingers move. I’ve written complex outlines and planned the tale before I even let it begin. No matter how I start, it is inevitable that the characters take the story in the way THEY see it happen. As odd as that sounds, I don’t mess with their direction. They’re always right, and making them bend to my will just throws up roadblocks. LOL.

Autumn: Who is your favorite character in Legacy of a Dreamer and why? Who would you picture playing their role in a movie?

Allie Jean : That’s a very hard question… LOL.

There’s a bit to love of each of my characters, even the bad ones. I’d have to say that Mathias is my absolute favorite, especially in the second book, which I’m currently finishing up. He’s so loving and naive at the same time, you can’t help but love him for it.

And who do I see playing him? Well, I had someone totally different in mind until my mother said Chris Hemsworth. Now, I can’t picture anyone else.

Thanks, mom 😉

Autumn: If you could have a special power, what would it be?

Allie Jean : Ooooo, a good one. I’d say move objects with my mind. Then I could clean, make dinner, do laundry, AND write at the same time. Booya!!!

Autumn: Who are three authors that you enjoy reading?

Allie Jean : I will forevermore love J.K. Rowling for creating an original work of fiction that will be duplicated many times over, I’d say, through literary history. All good works are, as we’ve discovered.

Right now I just finished a novel by Alice Clayton, and I’m on to read Naturally, Charlie by S.L. Scott. I’ll keep ya posted on who else has tickled my fancy 😉

Autumn: What kind of environment do you find inspirational when you are writing?

Allie Jean : I’m a mother of four so any environment I can find becomes inspirational. Honestly, I write where I can, when I can. I haven’t found a specific, go-to area. Maybe when my kids become more self-sufficient I can hunt one down.

Autumn: What would be the best piece of advice that you could give aspiring writers?

Allie Jean : I will give the same advice that was given to me by Ms Cassandra Clare – write how you see it!

It’s been amazing advice and I’ve stuck to it through edits and previews. I’ve put my stories up on my own private home theater inside of my mind and I write what comes across. I’ve been called a very visual writer, where my words paint the picture. That’s what I strive for, and I think it’s great advice to give anyone who is aspiring to become a storyteller.

Autumn: What were your first thoughts when you knew that your work was going to be published?

Allie Jean : I screamed, grabbed a beer from the fridge, and thought “holy f$%@” as I downed it in one. LOL!!!

Seriously, I was very nervous knowing that my stories would be out for the public to consume – and criticize. These characters become like family, and any time they’re out there it feels like watching your baby up on stage for a recital or something, and you just hope they don’t pee their pants or something. (That’s happened to my baby once. Wasn’t pretty…)

Autumn: What are your thoughts on self-publishing versus working with a publisher?

Allie Jean : Well, my experience with The Writer’s Coffee Shop has been nothing but pleasant. I’d say if you can work with a publisher, do it. There’s comfort in numbers, believe me. And I’ve met some amazingly talented people through the House. I’ve even had the chance to write a short romance for their upcoming Valentine’s Day Anthology entitled “Romantic Interludes” coming out on the 1st of February.

Self-publishing is difficult but can be rewarding as well. I think that choice should be made by the author. Again, it’s like sending your child off to daycare or homeschooling, I guess. LOL.

Autumn: Can you tell us a little bit about what you have planned for your future projects? When can we look for the sequel?

Allie Jean : The Dreamer series is a trilogy, with book two due out in October of 2013. I believe the third one will be out in 2014. I have a novelette coming out next month that is more Adult Fiction/Chic Lit in nature (no middle schoolers… I’m watching you! LOL). I also have a VERY adult series that should be released sometime in 2014. More news to follow on that.


Thank you to author Allie Jean for an amazing interview!