All Wound Up

Play-by-Play, Book #10

By Jaci Burton

ISBN# 9780425276808

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all-wound-up-jaci-burtonAubrey Ross is the daughter of Clyde Ross, the owner of the St. Louis major league baseball team, the Rivers.  As the only child she was expected to take up the family business and have a job with the team, but her heart lead her in a different direction.  Medical school.  Now she’s serving her residency in the ER at a local hospital.  Her father is against anything that would take her focus away from her career, especially romance!  Lucky for him that romance is the farthest thing from her mind.

Until she meets one of the Rivers’ players, Tucker Cassidy at a team party at her parents’ house, where she finds him suffering a most private injury.  Then he turns up in her emergency room twice more, making himself seem very accident-prone.

There is a definite spark between doctor and patient, but Aubrey tries to deny it, until she can’t fight it anymore.  But will her father’s disapproval be the end of their relationship?

This is a typical Jaci Burton novel, full of hunky too-good-to-be-true guys and of course lots of sweaty heart-pumping sex.  It’s a light read that doesn’t require you to think too hard, as it’s a pretty predictable storyline, one we’ve seen a million times before.  But let’s face it sometimes you need a book like that!

My main issue with this novel is I really felt disconnected from the characters and the story as a whole.  When I read a book, I like to feel like I’m one with the characters and am just as involved with the story as they themselves are.  But in this book I didn’t feel that.  It was more like I was just watching it all happen from afar, and that is what truly kept me from enjoying this book more.  It’s not a bad book, I just would have liked to have been engaged a bit more.

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