It’s time for another OBS A to Z feature and this time we have put together a list of words that will help you understand the fascinating world of Alice. you must remember that it is just not one book, but two and things are different if both. Hopefully will clear some of that out of the way. Enjoy!

A: Alice
(The 7 year old protagonist of the story. She is from a wealthy family and is very smart, logical and practical. She is very comfortable within herself, and her practically clashes with the madness of Wonderland.)

(One of the countries Alice thinks she’ll end up after falling through the earth while in the tunnel.)

(First name that Alice mentions of two of the girls that she knows of her age, while stuck in the hall of doors and crying wondering if she has become someone else.)

(Name of the Caterpillar that sits on the mushroom.)

B: Book

(What Alice’s sister is reading at the beginning of the story and as it had no pictures she finds boring.)


(The little bottle that Alice finds after not being able to fit through the tiny door saying “Drink Me”. Alice didn’t want to drink it first for fear it were poison. Its flavor was cherry tart, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffee, and hot buttered toast.)


(Bill the Lizard, he is one of the animals who goes down the Rabbit’s house chimney and gets kicked out by Alice’s foot.)

C: Cupboards
(The tunnel Alice falls down has it side walls field with cupboards and book shelves.)

(The small cake Alice finds in the glass box saying “Eat Me” that makes her grow so she can reach the golden key on the glass table.)

Cheshire Cat

(One of Alice’s companions through her journey, and first turns up in the Duchess’ house. He is unique, as he is the one who explains Wonderland’s madness to Alice. He is intelligent and mischievous, having the ability to fade in and out of situations. He appears in front of the King and Queen of hearts as just a head, inciting a huge argument between them to assess whether or not he can be beheaded if he does not have a body. There is a moment when he fades from Alice’s sight, just leaving his iconic grin to be seen by Alice.)

(Alice finds a caterpillar sitting on top of the mushroom, quietly smoking a long hookah.)

D: Dinah
(Alice’s cat back at home, and while falling down the hole Alice wishes to have her with her and then she questions herself if cats eat bats.)

(The) Duchess
(She is unpleasant, but later on treats Alice with friendliness and respect. She is also one of the people the Queen invites to play croquet, she always has a moral for everything and Alice finds her very ugly, short and with a sharp pointy chin. The Cheshire cat is found in her house and apparently to Alice’s believe, it belongs to the Duchess.)

(Alice considered making a daisy chain before seeing the White Rabbit pass by her.)

(In order to get dry after a swim, the Dodo proposes that everyone run a Caucus race, at the end of the race, Alice distributes comfits from her pocket to all as prizes.)

E: Evidence

(Chapter 12 is called “Alice’s Evidence” where Alice has to be one of the Knave of Hearts witnesses.)

F: Four Thousand

(The Miles that Alice calculates she is falling down to the center of the earth.)


(Alice speaks French to the mouse in the hall while swimming in her tears, “Ou est ma chatte?”.)

G: Gryphon

(He was ordered by the Queen to take Alice to see the Mock Turtle, after that he stayed with her through the Mock Turtle’s story and took Alice to the trial.)

H: Hole

(The rabbit hole like a tunnel that Alice follows down in the White Rabbit entering Wonderland.)

(Where Alice finds herself after falling. The hall is field with many doors and lit by a row of many lamps. Many doors?! Eek!)


(Or water pipe is a single or multi-stemmed instrument often of glass for smoking tobacco. The caterpillar was smoking one when he met Alice. Remember? ;))

(Alice finds him along with the March Hare and the Dormouse having tea. While they’re talking he asks Alice “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” He appears again as a witness at the Knave of Hearts’ trial, where the Queen appears to recognize him as the singer she sentenced to death. He gets nervous and the King dismisses him not before the Queen gives the order to cut his head. Eek! O.O Note: His name is “Hatter” not Mad Hatter.)

K: Key

(Alice finds a golden key on the table in the hall of doors which opens the tiny door behind the curtain.)

Knave (of Hearts)

(Alice is called to witness the trial of the Knave who apparently stole the Queen’s tarts. He denies he wrote the letter that mysteriously appears in the court, but knows that it isn’t signed.)

King of Hearts

(Compared to his wife he is more moderated. He can sometimes keep the Queen of Hearts call and back to her senses. The King also quietly pardons many of the subjects the Queen has ordered to be beheaded when the Queen is not looking. He later takes the role of judge at the Knaves’ trial.)

L: Lewis Carroll

(Charles Lutwidge Dodgson better known by the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. He was an English mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon, photographer and author of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”, as well as the poems “The Hunting of the Snake” and “Jabberwocky”.)

(One of the several creatures that fell into the pool of tears that Alice cried.)

M: Mabel

(Second name of two of the girls that Alice mentions while stuck in the hall of doors and is crying wondering if she has become someone else.)

Mary Ann

(The White Rabbit mistakes Alice for his housemaid Mary Ann and sends her for a fan and gloves.)

March Hare

(It was at the house of the March Hare that Alice met them all [Hatter, Hare and Dormouse]. He behaves as though it were always tea time because the Hatter supposedly “murdered the time”. He enjoys the Dormouse stories as well as torturing the little creature along with the hatter. (It’s all fun and games, don’t worry). When the Hatter is in the Knave of Hearts’ trial he denies everything and is of little help to the Hatter.)

Mock Turtle
(The Queen asks Alice if she has met the ´mock Turtle´ to which she answers that she doesn’t even know what it is and the Queen tells her “it’s the thing Mock Turtle Soup is made from.” When Alice sees him she can see that he is a very melancholic turtle, who later tells her his story and along with the Gryphon dance the Lobster Quadrille. He is left behind singing alone after the Gryphon takes Alice to the trial.)

N: New Zealand

(One of the countries Alice thinks she’ll end up after falling through the earth while in the tunnel.)

(More than nine feet high Alice becomes after eating the little “Eat Me” cake hitting her head against the roof. She was so tall that only her eye could see through the door behind the curtain.)

O: Orange
(Flavor of the marmalade jar Alice grabs from a book shelve from the side walls of the tunnel while she falls.)

P: Pretend

(Alice is fond to pretend that she is two different people.)


(The Duchess’s kitchen is filled with the smell of it making Alice and every one inside sneeze.)

Pig Baby

(The Duchess’s sneezing and howling baby. After it is left in the care of Alice she takes it out of the house and it turns into what Alice thinks a handsome baby pig. ;))

Q: Queen (of Hearts).
(“Off with their heads!” is her famous quote. She is the Queen of Wonderland and enjoys playing croquet; she has an awful temper and is always sending people to have their heads cut off. When Alice comes across her she invites her to a game of croquet and later on, while Alice is one of the witnesses in the trial she sentences Alice for defending the Knave. Note: This is the Queen of Hearts, not to be mistaken by the Red Queen. ;))

R: Raven

(It appears in the Hatter’s famous quote “Why is raven like a writing desk?”. Do you know? ;))

S: Sister

(Alice’s sister. She was reading beside Alice when she became bored and then saw the White Rabbit, later on she is the one that dreams of Alice and her adventures through Wonderland.)

T: Table
(Three legged little table made of solid glass that Alice finds in the hall of doors, on top of it was the golden key.)

(This was the inches Alice became after drinking the content of the bottle she found saying “Drink Me” to be able to fit through the door.)

V: Violent

(The Duchess nursed her child, singing a sort of lullaby to it, giving it a violent shake at the end of every line.)

W: Walrus
(What Alice thinks of seeing, while she is swimming in her own tears.)

White Rabbit
(He appears in front of Alice one hot sunny day catching her attention by saying “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!” and taking out a pocket watch.)

Z: Zero
(Amount of archers left on Alice’s side of the croquet ground. They were all either sent to be headed or took players to have their heads cut off.)

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