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With Tim Burton’s revisionist 3D flick Alice hitting theaters this Friday, it’s time to revisit the origin story: Lewis Carroll’s original novel. Why has this story endured, and been championed by artistic rebels from 1960s hippies to today’s steampunks?

Though there have been many movie and cartoon versions of Carroll’s mid-19th century novel of nonsense, it seems to me that perhaps the best adaptations and transformations of it didn’t break until the mid-20th century with Jefferson Airplane’s iconic song “White Rabbit.”

Just as they do today, neo-Victorian fashions flourished during the 1960s in America – especially if those fashions had an Old West flair. Hippies in America were fleeing West to California, and many bands that emerged from the Haight Ashbury scene referenced that idea with 19th century “cowboys and Indians” garb.

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It is amazing how many other films (like Matrix), album covers, songs and lord knows what else has a reference to Lewis Carroll’s fantasy story of Alice, isn’t it?  When did you first read Alice in Wonderland? How excited are you that Alice will finally open this Friday? Will you be seeing it this weekend? Do you think Tom Burton’s vision will surpass expectations?