Amy Wilkinson of poses the question, Who is the scarier vampire villian:

If you were caught unaware wandering the forests of Forks or the balmy swamps of Bon Temps, whose creepy footsteps would you fear the most: Cam Gigandet as “Twilight” tracker James or scary (although super sexy) “True Blood” Viking vamp Eric Northman played by Alexander Skarsgård? That’s the question posed as part of Spike’s 2009 Scream Awards, which honor the best in fantasy, sci-fi, comics and horror.

Eric: The strapping Viking is a ceiling-grazing 6’4″ and is stacked like a Greek god.
James: The lithe, lean nomad stands at an even 6 feet.
Advantage: Eric. No explanation necessary.

Years As A Vampire
Eric: 1,000
James: Unknown, though he’s at least 80 years old having menaced Alice right before her turning in 1920.
Advantage: Eric. It’s safe to assume that if James had hit the millennium mark he would have been hob-nobbing with the Volturi instead of a small coven of shoeless vampires.

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I choose Eric, he is a humorous baddy with some humanity in him.

Who is your choice for best villian?