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At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced that it had acquired the rights to Marvelman, after years of legal strife kept the character out of print. Alan Moore revamped the old British superhero in the early 1980s for Warrior magazine, and then continued the series at Eclipse Comics. After 16 issues, he handed it off to Neil Gaiman. But, Eclipse went bankrupt before Gaiman could finish his run on the series. Todd McFarlane purchased Eclipse’s assets, but Gaiman claimed that the rights to Marvelman weren’t included. The two fought it out in court for years, while back issues and trade paperback collections of the series shot up in value. Rumors emerged that Marvel might buy the rights to the character with Gaiman’s cooperation. At San Diego Comic-Con fans learned that the deal had been sealed and the mystery of Marvelman’s ownership had been solved. Mick Anglo –  Marvelman’s original creator, 93 years old and still living in Britain – still owned the rights.
Alan Moore effectively reinvented superheroes for a modern audience, beginning with Miracleman. He wrote Watchmen and V for Vendetta. He takes his name off of movies based on his work. Mr. Moore took some time with us to reflect on his Marvelman work.

Q: I understand you were informed about the purchase by Marvel by Neil Gaiman’s lawyer, right after Comic-Con. Have you heard anything else?
Alan Moore: After being initially informed by Neil’s lawyer, I had to think about it for a couple of days. I decided that while I’m very happy for this book to get published—because that means money will finally go to Marvelman’s creator, Mick Anglo, and to his wife.

Q: Was there any intentional wrongdoing that you’re aware of on the part of Dez Skinn or was it just a colossal misunderstanding?
Alan Moore: My particular opinion is that, yes, there was. I was not on the best of terms with Dez Skinn by the end of the Warrior experience. I didn’t trust the man, and my opinion—for what that is worth—is that there was knowing deceit involved in the Marvelman decision. But, like I said, that is just my opinion and, of course, I can’t prove what was in somebody else’s mind.

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Did you know all of the weird stuff going on about Marvel, Gaiman, and Angelo? What do you think about this really epic interview? I’m looking forward to reading part two.