Addressed to Kill

Postmistress Mystery, Book #3

By Jean Flowers

ISBN13: 9780425279120

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Third in the Postmistress Mystery series by Jean Flowers, following Death Takes Priority and Cancelled by Murder…

Love is in the air for postmaster Cassie Miller and the residents of North Ashcot, Massachusetts. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and the town is gearing up for a special dinner dance at the senior center. With the local musical group performing at the dance displaced from their regular practice location, Cassie is all too happy to host them during off-hours at the post office.

But not everything is coming up roses. When one of the musicians, Dennis Somerville, is found shot in his home, rumors swirl over who might have wanted him dead. Cassie must determine if there is a link between a string of recent break-ins and Dennis’s murder before another victim winds up with more than a broken heart.


I was so happy to visit with Cassie Miller and her friends in North Ashcot, MA again. I really enjoy the town and the characters that inhabit it. As postmistress of the small town, Cassie is at the hub of activity. She is able to get to know everyone and a little bit of their lives as well. And as the town is rather small, the post office can also be used for other purposes. All of this really lends itself to a wonderful cozy series. Addressed to Kill is the third in this wonderful “Postmistress Mystery” series. Author Jean Flowers had found a fantastic setting and occupation for this first class cozy mystery. When I first heard what it was going to be about, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. Seriously my post office is never this much fun and definitely (thank goodness) does not have this much intrigue. Luckily the author has developed a protagonist that will never be designated to the dead letter pile. Cassie is intelligent and fun and the cast of characters are terrific.

As Addresses to Kill begins, North Ashcot is preparing for Valentine’s day. Cassie of course is as busy as can be at the post office. A local band has had to move their practices to the community room at the post office. They are an odd group of intellects and local colorful citizens. As they prepare for the Valentine’s Day dinner and dance, Cassie sometimes comes in early enough to listen and see them leave. Things do not seem as cordial as she would have thought. One of the members is even upset because he is receiving hate mail. What is going on in their small town now? Later that same man, Professor Dennis Somerville is found shot dead at his home. Could this be related to all the burglaries happening? Could he have interrupted a burglar? When it does not look like that is the case, Cassie is pulled into another murder mystery and the evidence is all over the place.

Cassie feels that there are definitely clues to be found at the college and luckily (and not so luckily) she has been asked to give a talk to the class of one of the other band members that is also a professor. The only problem with that is Cassie is terrified to speak in public. After some serious thought and a bit of guilt for several reason, she finally agrees. Now she will have the chance to chat with some of the students, do a bit of searching and hopefully stumble upon some answers. At the same time of course Cassie is up to her gross accepted weight in work, helping friends and trying to get time with her boyfriend.

Addressed to Kill is another superior installment from author Jean Flowers. The characters are well developed and relatable. The setting is enjoyable and I would love to visit for a long stay. I love this storyline and think this is the best of the 3 books in the series. Although all three are fabulous. If you have not read the other two, you can still read this one as a stand-alone and have no problems. I cannot wait for the next book to be released. I am sure it will be too long for my enjoyment, but all good things come to those who wait. So that I will. The mystery is entertaining and with lots of red herrings and sideways moves, it was kept suspenseful. I had a clue who the killer was, but then of course was thrown for a loop. This is really one book that is a special delivery full of cozy goodness!

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