Accidental Hero

Marriage Mistake, Book #1

By Nicole Snow

ISBN# 9781718838512

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Isabella “Izzy” Derby loves teaching art at one of the most prestigious schools in the Phoenix area.  She even loves when the sexy broody badass, Brent Eden, comes into her accelerated class to pick up his daughter every week.  However, when a guy that can’t take a hint shows up at the school to intimidate her, Brent steps in!  Izzy went on a date with Preston and now he thinks he owns her!  Brent takes care of it, but not before he lies and claims to be Izzy’s fiancé!  That causes even more trouble as there is a strict non-fraternizing policy at the school.  And, when Izzy’s nosy cousin finds out about Brent her whole family quickly learns about him too!  And, somehow they even get roped into attending a wedding together!

Meanwhile, Brent has some problems of his own.  His younger brother was mixed up with a gang, the Black Pearls, before he was killed.  Now, the Pearls claim that Davey owed them money and they expect Brent to pay the debt.  And, once they set sights on Izzy he vows to keep her close so he can protect her until he can eliminate the threat once and for all.  And, the more time the two spend together the more their attraction and bond grows.

I felt this book was rather dull in the beginning.  It took quite a while for me to get into it.  And, even then it was just mediocre, at best.  I found the book to be unrealistic … how the two got together, how her whole family found out about Brent and latched on.  And, how Brent felt the need to be with her in order to protect her made no sense, especially considering he barely knew her at this point.  There was no way for the Pearls to even know she meant anything … because at that point she didn’t.  I feel like he did the opposite of what he should.  He made her a target by keeping her so close.

And, I never knew that taking someone’s virginity turned them into such a raving nymphomaniac!

In a genre with so many options, I feel like there are just so many better books to spend time on, than this one.