‘True Blood’ fans are divided between Team Bill and Team Eric, but now there is this 2,000-year-old vampire played by the 20-year-old danish actor Allan Hyde. He is relative unknown but his subtle and heartbreaking has left fans clamoring for more.

(Spoiler Alert!)

Was Sunday’s episode the final time fans will see Godric? “It is the last episode of my character,” Allan told last week. Sunday’s epic episode was the first time the actor saw the final product of his hard work. “I haven’t seen it! I’m so excited to watch it!”

Allan explained that he, Alexander Skarsgard and Anna Paquin had just minutes to film his death scene in downtown LA. The three actors and crew raced to capture the morning’s natural light. “It was amazing, not just because it was such a touching scene. The performances of Alex and Anna in that scene were so amazing just to watch, I never tried anything like it. I had very good feeling about the scene and I’m excited to watch it.”

The rising sun may have ended Godric forever, but Allan said his ‘True Blood’ ending is actually a beginning. “You know, it feels…the thing is,” Allan said with a moment of reflection. “It’s really just started.”

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I loved Vampire Godric and I cryed at his death, but I really hope we’ll see more of Allan Hyde in the future – he is really a great and beautiful young actor.

Are you also sad about Godric has to left ‘True Blood’? Do you think he is a good actor and his star is rising up now?