A new month is here and OBS brings you another great A to Z special. This month one of our YA Book Clubs is Wings by Aprilynne Pike and in honor of that we have put together a list of words that will guide you with Laurel through this flowery adventure. Enjoy!

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Laurel discovers she is a faerie, sent among humans to protect the gateway to Avalon. Thrust into the midst of a centuries-old battle between faeries and trolls, she’s torn between a human and a faerie love, as well as her loyalties to each world. In this extraordinary tale of magic and intrigue, romance and danger, everything you thought you knew about faeries will be changed forever.

A: Aprilynne Pike
(Author of Wings and its sequel Spells. )

(Laurel was adopted, she does not know who her parents are and she was left in a basket on her adoptive parents’ doorstep when she was 3.)

(The world to which Tamani, Laurel, and the other Faeries belong – defended by king Arthur and Merlin.)

B: Bookstore
(Laurel’s dad owns/runs a bookstore.)

C: Chelsea
(A friend of Laurel’s from school. They both like David, as in like him.)

D: David Lawson
(Laurel’s first friend at school, he later becomes her boyfriend.)

E: Eating habits
(Laurel has very odd eating habits, or lack of.)

F: Flower
(Laurel is a flowering faerie, the bump on her back formed into a flower blossom.)

Fall faerie
(Laurel is a fall faerie meaning her blossoms grow in the fall.)

G: Guitar
(Laurel plays the guitar.)

H: Home school
(Lauren was home schooled for over 10 years but after their family moved, she went to a local school.)

(David listens with a stethoscope and realizes Laurel has no heart beat.)

I: Ill
(Laurel’s father becomes very ill due to the trolls wanting his land. He continues to get more and more ill and it appears that he might die.)

J: Jeremiah Barnes
(The man who wants to purchase Laurel’s home in Orick.)

K: Kindness
(Tamani shows great kindness and care with Laurel when she is hurt.)

L: Laurel
(The main character and faerie in Wings.)

M: Master Naturopath
(Laurel’s mom makes medicine out of herbs.)

N: Normal
(Laurel realizes pretty quickly that she is not a normal girl.)

O: Orick
(The town Laurel used to live in before they moved.)

P: Plant
(Tamani tells Laurel she is a plant faerie.)

Q: Queen of Avalon

(Tamani decides to go after the trolls, but Shar tells him the Queen will be angry.)

R: Round bump
(Laurel wakes up one day with a mysterious round bump on her back.)

S: Sunshine
(Laurel needs to be outside and having the sun shine on her to survive.)

(Tamani is a sentry, he guards the faerie world.)

T: Tamani
(A young man/faerie that Laurel meets on her property while walking in Orick, he is a guard of the gateways.)

U: Under water
(Laurel saves David by breathing into his mouth when Barnes tries to weigh them down with rocks and drown them.)

V: Vegan

(Laurel is a vegan because any other food makes her sick.)

(David points out to Laurel that she has no veins on her arms.)

W: Wilted
(Laurel’s blossoms wilted, she will grow another flower the following year.)

X: eliXir
(Jamison gives Laurel and elixir made by fall faeries to heal her father from the trolls’ poison.)

Y: hYptonized

(Laurel is hypnotized by Tamani and the beauty of the other faeries she meets.)

Z: Zit
(At first Laurel thinks that she got her first zit, it later turns into a big bump and then into her wings.)

(Laurel comes across some pretty bizarre beings as she tries to save her father and the land her family owns.)

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