Welcome to another OBS A to Z special. This week we’re bringing you, with just hours away from the season finale L.J. Smith’s TV series adaptation The Vampire Diaries. Tonight things will be revealed, friends and foes will be lost,  Damon, Elena and Stefan will face their destinies and Mystic Falls will be on fire (literally). To all these we’ve put together a list of things to guide you through tonight’s wild roller coaster ride. Enjoy!

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A: Alaric Saltzman
(Replacement teacher for Mr. Tanner and Vampire Slayer.)

B: Bonnie

(BFF’s with Elena, she is a powerful witch from a long line of witches.)


(Television network, they air all the Vampire Diaries episodes.)

Covington Georgia

(Where the series is filmed.)

D: Damon Salvatore
(The “bad” brother. He’s so bad he’s good.)

E: Elena Gilbert

(The female lead of the series. She falls in love with Stefan.)

F: Fell’s Church
(The Fell family is a prominent family in Mystic Falls.)

G: Guy, Jasmine

(Plays Bonnie’s grandmother. She is an amazingly powerful witch who dies. 🙁 )

H: Hunt
(Damon hunts his prey. He enjoys toying with them.)

I: Ian Somerhalder
(Actor who plays Damon Salvatore.)

J: Julie Plec
(Helped develop the books into a series.)

K: Katherine Pierce

(She began the feud between Damon and Stefan because they both fell in love with her.)

L: Lockwood, Mayor
(Tyler’s father and a total asshole!)

M: Margarite Maclntyre

(Actress who plays Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes – Caroline’s mother and member of the Founders Council.)

Mystic Falls

(The city where the story takes place.)

N: Necklace

(Necklace that Damon wanted so badly.)

Nina Dobrev
(The actress who plays Elena Gilbert.)

O: Open the crypt

(Damon is determined to get the crypt open to free Katherine. )

P: Pearl

(Anna’s vampire mother who was trapped beneath the church.)

Pocket watch
(A Gilbert family heirloom that the Founder’s Council wants badly.)

Q: Quaint

(Mystic Falls is a quaint old town, or so it appears from the outside.)

R: Ring

(Alaric has a very interesting looking ring that looks similar to the rings that Stefan and Damon have.)

S: Stefan Salvatore

(The good Salvatore brother who feeds off animals, at least for now.)

T: Tyler Lockwood

(Vicki’s ex-boyfriend and Jeremy’s rival; son of the mayor of Mystic Falls. Played by Michael Trevino.)

U: Unknown stranger

(He caused Elena to crash her car, but Damon showed up and the stranger ran off.)

V: Vancouver

(Where the pilot episode was filmed.)


(An herb that can protect you from having a vampire control your mind.)

W: Williamson, Kevin

(Creator of the series.)

William Tanner
(The history teacher and coach killed by Damon during a game.)


(Elena and Stefan FINALLY have sex, but she finds Katherine’s picture and she runs off only to get in a car accident.)

Y: Youth

(Damon and Stefan were changed into vampires while still teenagers, they will never age.)

Z: Zach Roerig
(Plays Matt Donovan, a childhood friend of Elena’s and her ex-boyfriend.)

What were some of your favorite Vampire Diaries moments?