OBS is back with another A to Z special, this time in honor of True Blood’s third season that as we know is just around the corner. So, we’ve put together a list of things that’ll get you prepared just in time for Sunday June 13th when the first episode premieres. Enjoy!

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A: Ashley Jones
(Actress who plays Daphne Landry – Shifter who dated Sam and worked for Maryann until she was betrayed and killed.)

Anna Camp
(Actress who plays Sarah Newlin – Wife of Steve Newlin and follower of The Fellowship of the Sun, also Jason Stackhouse’s love interest.)

Allan Hyde
(Actor who plays Godric – Vampire Sheriff of Area 9 who was kidnapped by The Fellowship of the Sun and maker of Eric.)

Alexander Skarsgard
(Actor who plays Eric Northman, Sheriff of Area 5 and owner of Fangtasia’s.)

B: Blood

(What every vampire needs to survive.)

C: Chris Bauer

(Actor who plays Andy Bellefleur – Detective for Bon Temps, he is generally disrespected by the town’s civilians.)

Carrie Preston
(Actress who plays Arlene Fowler, waitress at Merlotte’s Bar.)

D: Deborah Ann Wohl
(Actress who plays Jessica Hamby – Bill’s newly made vampire charge as punishment for him saving Sookie.)

E: Evan Rachel Wood

(Actress who plays Sophie-Anne LeClerq, vampire Queen of Louisiana.)

Ed Quinn
(Actor who plays Stan Davis, vampire lieutenant in Dallas.)

F: Fellowship of the Sun

(The anti-vampire Sun that Jason Stackhouse joins and Sookie tries to infiltrate.)

G: Glamour
(Technique that vampires use to erase memories or get what they want or change humans memory.)

H: Harris

(Charlaine Harris writes the material that makes the series possible.)

I: “Is there blood in my hair?”
(Spoken by Eric Northman to Lafayette on episode 202.)

J: Jim Parrack
(Actor who plays Hoyt Fortenberry – A friend of Jason and Rene’s, Hoyt is known to be good-hearted and sweet to Sookie.)

K: Killing
(A lot of killing goes on in Bon Temp. Sookie almost got killed three times.)

L: Louisiana

(Where it all takes place.)

M: Michelle Forbes
(Actress who plays Maryann Forrester, social worker, Maenad, and all around bad villian of Season 2.)

Mehcad Brooks

(Actor who plays ‘Eggs’ Benedict Talley, Tara’s love interest and Maryann’s charge (someone she takes care of).)

Michael McMillian

(Actor who plays Steve Newlin – Head of the Fellowship of the Sun an anti vampire church that Jason Stackhouse joins.)

(Term used for vampires who try and live with human’s in society.)

N: Nelsan Ellis
(Actor who plays Lafayette Reynolds, Tara’s cousin and “chef” at Merlotte’s Bar.)

O: O
(O Negative blood.)

P: Predatory
(The vampires are predatory creatures.)

Q: Queen
(Queen Sophie-Ann of Lousiana.)

R: Rutina Wesley

(Actress who plays Tara Thornton – Sookie’s best friend and a bartender at Merlotte’s.)

Ryan Kwanten
(Actor who plays Sookie’s brother, Jason Stackhouse, and recent Fellowship of the Sun recruit.)

S: Sam Trammell

(Actor who plays Sam Merlotte – Owner of Merlotte’s Bar who’s in love with Sookie and a shapeshiter.)

T: Todd Lowe

(Actor who plays Terry Bellefleur – Posttraumatic stress victim from Iraq, cousin of Andy Bellefleur and another Merlotte’s bartender.)

(The synthetic blood available for vampires as a real blood substitute.)

U: Undulate
(Is what Maryann the Maenad did when she called upon her powers to put the town under her spell.)

(What the Followship of the Sun considers the vampires to be.)

V: Viking
(What Eric Northman was over 1000 years ago.)


(Most vampires are cruel and vicious toward humans.)

(Werewolves, they have been mentioned by the Queen, but we have to see them.)

X: seXXXXy
(Eric, Jason, I need to mop up my drool.)

Y: wittY
(The dialogue, the entire show is filled with wit.)

Z: Zero

(The amount of times Sookie has actual been with Eric, all those times were just fantasy dreams. (Too bad).)

Are you a fan of True Blood? What do you like about it?