OBS is back again with another A to Z special. This time in honor of one of our monthly YA Book Clubs Intertwined by Gena Showalter, and we have put together a list of things that will guide you through this amazing story. Intertwined is such an addictive, thrilling book full of mystery and magical creatures. Its characters are interesting and leave you wanting more. Enjoy!

Remember to check out Intertwined and join us in the discussion!


Most sixteen-year-olds have friends. Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him:

One can time-travel.

One can raise the dead.

One can tell the future.

And one can possess another human.

Everyone thinks he’s crazy, which is why he’s spent his entire life shuffled between mental institutions and juvie.  All of that is about to change, however.  For months Aden has been having visions of a beautiful girl — a girl who carries centuries old secrets.  A girl who will either save him or destroy him.

Together they’ll enter a dark world of intrigue and danger . . . but not everyone will come out alive.

A: Agony
(Aden’s life is an agony with all the voices inside his head and the things that come with them.)


(The costume given to Aden by Victoria was a knight’s armor.)

B: Betrothed
(Victoria hid from Aden that she is to wed Demitri. Poor Aden.)


(One mistake led Penny and Tucker the wrong way. Penny’s baby has no fault and Mary Ann has forgiven her.)


(Victoria’s hair has blue streaks and every time Aden sees her she has more.)

C: Crossroads, Oklahoma

(Mary Ann’s residence and Aden’s new home town, and where he meets her once again. Aden describes it as garden gnome capital of the world and definitely hell on earth, was so small it was practically nonexistent.)


(Where we first see Aden at the start of the book and where he meets Mary Ann after fighting the zombies.)


(Voice number four in Aden’s head. If he had a body of his own, he would have been the guy taking pictures of girls in their locker room while hiding in the shadows.)

D: Dan Reeves
(He runs the D and M ranch. He was a former pro-football player and now helps the troubled kids.)


(Aden always carries them no matter what as his number one weapon.)

(Victoria’s fiancée and “prince of the vampires”. Aden hates how he talks as if he were Victoria’s owner.)

(Victoria and Mary Ann wear costume dresses at the Halloween party.)

E: Eve “Anne”
(The motherly voice inside Aden’s head, who also turns out to be Mary Ann’s mother. She is caring and loves Aden like her own. She has the ability to time travel.)

(One of the four souls. He can predict the future and mostly when someone is going to die. One of his predictions led Aden wanting to go to Crossroads.)

F: Fairies
(Enemies of the vampires and protectors of humans. They are drawn to Aden and one disguises himself to enter the ranch.)

G: Goblins

(One of the many creatures that are attracted to Aden. They travel in packs.)

(Aden discovered that he can also see and talk to ghost and now is helping them to cross on.)

H: Haden “Aden” Stone

(He is sixteen years old, has black hair with blond roots, green, brown, blue, gold, black intense eyes [wow] and is the main male character of the story. Since the moment he was born his mind has been inhabited by four souls.)

I: iPod

(Aden found a green Nano iPod in a park bench. He uses it mostly to drown out the voices in his head, so-loud-your-ears-bleed.)

J: John O’Conner

(Student who talks to Aden in Spanish class. At first he thought it was a new kid, but he turned out to be  a ghost with a last wish.)


(He is one of the four souls that lives inside Aden head. Aden calls him ‘Corpse Whisper’.)

Je la nune

(Thick, bright blue paste inside Victoria’s oval ring. She describes it as fire dipped in acid then wrapped in poison and sprinkled with radiation.)

K: King

(Vlad and Demitri were kings of the vampires and now Aden has become the new king after killing Demitri. Will that last?)

Killerman, Ms.

(Aden’s caseworker and the reason he was at the D and M ranch.)

L: Lurkers
(Aden watches out for lurkers when he is talking out loud to the souls.)

M: Mary Ann “Mar”
(Tall, thin, with brown straight hair and a tanned skin. She is the new best friend of Aden and has the ability to negate the souls inside Aden’s head and other powers. We can have point of views from her side throughout the book.)

Meg Reeves
(Dan’s wife. She cooks the meals in the ranch, has a smile for everyone and has never scolded Aden.)

N: Nail polish
(Aden gives Victoria a pink nail polish knowing how much she likes colors and painting her nails.)

O: Ozzie
(Spiked blond haired kid that lives in the ranch with Aden. He is always getting Aden in trouble. He is kidnapped and then turned into a zombie by Julian.)

P: Penny Parks
(Mary Ann’s best friend since kids. No matter what happens between her them they always find a way to solve things. BFFs. 😉 )


(Victoria as daughter of Vlad makes her princess of the Vampires. It turns to be quite a shock for Aden.)

(Elijah’s ability, mostly death visions.)

Q: Quiet
(What Aden desperately needs, mostly found when he’s with Mary Ann.)

(Riley is quick as lightning when it comes to running in his wolf form. He can run from Mary Ann’s house to the ranch in no time ;))

R: Ranch
(The D and M Ranch, a halfway house for “wayward” teens where Aden lives. It is owned by Dan and Meg Reeves.)


(Victoria’s bodyguard and a shape shifter. He has sworn to protect Victoria always and now Mary Ann too.)

S: Souls
(Four souls living inside Aden’s head; they seek bodies of their own.)

(We get screams from Mary Ann and Victoria, throughout the book.)

T: Tucker
(Mary Ann’s ex-boyfriend and part demon. He is always finding away to provoke Aden looking for a fight.)

Time travel

(Eve’s ability shared with Aden. Once she travels the only way to get back is viewing the end of the memory.)

U: Undead
(Aden hates to fight with the undead. Could it be because of their poison saliva?)

V: Victoria

(Vampire princess and Aden’s love interest. She is the third daughter of Vlad the Impaler, her body temperature is high unlike other vampires and has many abilities. She is always wearing black colors but likes the bright ones.)

Vlad the impaler
(Victoria’s vampire father. He was asleep but because of Aden’s energy he awoke before time.)

W: Witch
(They were called by Aden’s energy and no are looking for the source of it. They come across Aden and the others in the woods and curses Mary Ann, Riley and Victoria.)

(What Mary Ann calls him, since she couldn’t figure out what was his real name. 😉 )

(Loyal servants of the vampires. Riley is Victoria’s personal bodyguard. They travel in packs and now guard Mary Ann’s house and the ranch.)

Watering pot
(Place where Mary Ann works, but meeting Aden she has called in sick several times.)

Wild horse

(Biggest rival of Crossroads High and home of the worst humans on earth, in Penny’s words.)

X: Xtreme
(Everything Aden does is Xtreme: zombie fights, demon fights, vampire rumbles, time traveling…)

Y: Young

(Throughout the book we can hear about younger version of Aden, Mary Ann, Eve and Dr. Gray)

Z: Zombie

(Aden and the souls encounter zombies at the beginning of the story while walking through the cemetery.)

What did you like about Intertwined?