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Hottest Guys in Fiction

A: Alcide (Sookie Stackhouse series.) Strong and silent type.
Acheron (Dark Hunter Series.) The leader of the Dark Hunters.

B: Beck (Demon Trappers Daughter.) A tough country boy, went to war and is now back in America fighting a war on Demons. He tries so hard to play the big brother figure to Riley, but you can tell that against his better judgment he wants to be more.
Butch (Black Dagger Brotherhood.) He was a kick-ass cop when he was human and now he can inhale his enemy as a vampire and he’s funny as hell.
Bones (Night Huntress Series.) Vampire. Strong, hot protective, funny and is madly in love with Cat.

C: Comac (Kitty Norville.) A bad ass werewolf hunter who smells like silver and gun powder and never leaves the house without at least five deadly weapons. Turns out Mr. Tough Guy isn’t so tough he falls for a werewolf he is supposed to kill, but then later on let’s his cousin Ben marry her.
Clay Davers (Women of the Otherworld.) Werewolf. The muscle of the pack aside from his strength he his beautiful and crazy smart.

D: Derek (Darkest Powers.) The strong silent type. The group vows to find the truth and they stick together despite the obstacles. Even though he cares for Chloe, he steps back to let her and Simon (Derek’s brother) have a chance. That is hot!!!
Dimitri (Vampire Academy.) He starts as Rose’s trainer but they fall in love even though it’s against the rules. His love for Roza makes him hot!!!!
Dorian (Dark Swan series.) A fey king. It may be the power thing, but he’s damn hot.
Drothe (A Tale of the Kin series.) A bad boy criminal that knows how to take charge—and just look at his sexy mug on the cover…*drool*.
Doyle (Merry Gentry series.) Head of the Fey Guard and protector of Merry Gentry. He is known as the Queen’s Darkness. He is just yummy.

E: Eric Northman (Sookie Stackhouse series.) He’s so bad that it’s good, yum!
Emmett Cullen (Twilight Saga.) Funny and Strong.
Edward Cullen (Twilight Saga.) He sparkles, oh and he’s sweet and protective.

F: Fang (Dark Hunter series.) A wolf shifter who has a few secrets one of them being in  love with a bear shifter. Strong and protective.

G: Goranu (Little Sister.) Tengu. Who would say no to him, he’s a prince and would go through a crazy adventure just to find your sister’s soul 🙂
Grant Cooperon (Hunter Kiss series.) He wrote a letter to his unborn daughter. That is so sweet!

H: Henry (Time Traveler’s Wife.) He disappears and shows up naked, that’s HOT hot!!!

I: Irial (Wicked Lovely.) He is dark & dangerous and bad! Everyone loves the bad boy.

J: Jace (The Mortal Instrument.) He is heart breaking sexy! Sarcastic, blunt, and a dare devil. He’s the bad boy mixed with god like beauty and a great heart underneath all his broodiness.
Jude Knight (The Immortal series.) He is a tan surfer with dreads! Plus he is a sweetheart..how can it get any better?
Jericho Barrons (Fever Series.) He’s angry, sexy, protective, indestructible and hot!!
John Matthew (Black Dagger Brotherhood.) He is younger than most of the brotherhood. They take him in and train him and as he grows he becomes hot as hell!!!
Jacob (Twilight Saga.) He’s cute and he’s the alpha dog (when he chooses to be).
Jace (Werecat series.) Funny, laid back sexy as hell and the third of a love triangle oh and he is a cat shifter.
Jasper Hale (Twilight Saga.) He definitely knows what you want 😉
Jean-Claude (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series) A 300 year old vampire that holds any woman’s attention with his silky black hair, ocean blue eyes, and double row of eyelashes

K: Kisten (Rachel Morgan.) Funny, sexy, confident and deadly.
Keenan (Wicked Lovely.) His determination makes him sexy.

L: Lucas Ross (Evernight Academy.) He’s bad ass. He signs up to go to a school full of vampires and he’s a vampire hunter – that takes balls!
Lassiter (Black Dagger.) A fallen angel with a sense of humor and the Brothers favorite punching bag.
Lucus Hunter (Slave to Sensation.) Alpha, strong ,super sexy pushy and a cat shifter.

M: Marc (Werecat series.) A cat shifter and the head enforcer of the pack. Strong and dominating.
Michah (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series) He’s the Nimir-Raj (alpha) wereleopard. Strong, loyal, and willing to be whatever he needs to be to make his lady happy.

N: Niall (Wicked Lovely.) So nice and caring but he can be fierce. Very hot to have two sides to a man.
Nathanial (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series) He’s a wereleopard that’s a stripper. He’s got hair to his ankles and his sole purpose in life is to serve his mistress, Anita.

O: Oliver (Blue Bloods.) Oliver is Schuyler’s best friend and he is her human familiar. He protects her no matter what.

P: Peeta Mellak (The Hunger Games.) He is so sweet, smart, tough and completely selfless.
Patch Cipriano (Hush, Hush.) Gotta love the fallen angel/bad boy.

Q: Quinn (Sookie Stackhouse series.) He was only in the books a short while but he was sweet sexy and a tiger in the sack (pun intended)!
Quinn (Riley Jenson series) A vampire who is rich sophisticated, and powerful.

R: Roarke (In death series.) He’s rich, goes by only one name (no last name for him), cocky and sexy as hell!
Richard (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series) The High School Science teacher that just happens to be the Ulfric of the local Werewolf pack. Tough, sexy, and steadfast in his convictions.
Rhage aka Hollywood (Black Dagger.) He’s handsome funny and makes having a beast inside him seem cool.
Rehvenge (Black Dagger.) He’s tough but sweet to those closest to him.
Rephaim (House of Night series.) Ravenmocker. He was created to destroy, but he leaves that life behind and becomes a man. His willingness to stand up for what is right is damn hot!!!
Raphael (Guild Hunter series.) Archangel, powerful sexy and dominating

S: Simon Lewis (The Mortal Instruments.) Boy next door, protective and loyal. The Vamp change makes this boy appealing.
Sam (Linger.) He is a song writing musician wolf! Enough said.
Stark (House of Night series.) His aim is perfect! He is Zoey’s protector.
Seth (Wicked Lovely.) He is sensitive and caring and he accepts Aislinn despite her supernatural talents.
Severus Snape (Harry Potter series.) I just never thought he was the bad guy and he looks good in black 😀

T: Tucker (Unearthly.) He is a quiet kind of sexy. Doesn’t flaunt himself. Has a subtle confidence about him. He’s sweet and kind and trustworthy.

U: Ulquiorra Schiffer (Bleach.) My favorite of the Espadas, and maybe the only one who wasn’t that crazy. He might be expressionless, but he’s cute.

V: Vishous (Black Dagger.) He’s sexy and a bit kinky and he’s never wrong.
V’lane (Fever series.) I know he ends up being bad but it’s hard to resist a Prince that can satisfy you without even touching you.

W: Wrath (Black Dagger Brotherhood.) He’s the King…need I say more?

X: Xander (Matched.) The best friend that every girl wishes would fall in love her.

Y: Youko Kurama (Yuyu Hakusho) He’s tall, has quite a sense of humor, won’t forget to give you flowers on any special occasion and you get to guys for the price of one. One day Shuichi, the other day Youko ;D

Z: Zsadist (Black Dagger Brotherhood.) Tortured soul who has recovered and is a very strong and loving guy.


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