OBS is back with more A to Z and this time we’re really excited for Futurama’s return with new episodes starting tonight at 10 PM EST on Comedy Central, that we’ve put together a list of fun Futurama things for all the fans. Enjoy!

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Matt Groening

A: Aracno Spores
(“The deadly spores with the funny name” One of the introductions on the show [on the episode “The Lesser of Two Evils”, before the theme song]).

B: Billy West
(One of the voice actors on the show. He does the voices for Fry, The Professor, Dr. Zoidberg, Zapp Brannigan, and a ton more).

C: Career Chip
(Implanted in every citizen of Earth, it has the information for the job they were assigned).

D: Dark Matter

(Space ship fuel [until the third movie], also the poo of the Nibblonian species.)

E: Eternium
(The home planet of the Nibblonians, which is in the exact center of the Universe).

F: Frank Welker
(Another voice actor. He does animal sounds and voices Leela’s pet Nibbler).

G: General Colin Pacman
(A character from “Anthology of Interest II” where Fry asks the “What If?” Machine what life would be like if it were more like a video game).

H: Head Museum

(A museum filled with celebrities and politicians from our time, but only as living, talking heads in a jar).

I: Infosphere
(The space station that the Evil Giant Brains are using to store all knowledge in the universe).

J: John Quincy Addingmachine

(The first robot president of Earth).

K: Kibbles and Snouts
(The food Leela gives to Nibbler).

L: Lightspeed Briefs
(A ritzy brand of underwear).

M: Mom’s Friendly Robot Company
(A corporation that built most of the robots in the world, run by adorable and evil CEO: Mom).

N: New New York
(The city Futurama takes place in, built onto top of the runs of old New York).

O: Olde Fortran
(Bender’s favorite beer).

P: Planet Express
(The delivery company owned by the Professor, where Fry, Leela, and Bender work).

Q: Quantum Interface Bomb
(The bomb Fry uses to destroy the Infosphere).

R: Robotology
(A robot religion that Bender belonged to once).

S: Seymour
(Fry’s dog from the 20th century, who was fossilized and found in an archeological site [the Pizzeria Fry worked at in 1999].

T: Taco Bellevue Hospital

(The hospital in New New York).

U: Unbreakable diamond tether

(One of the features of the Planet Express Ship. It once belonged to Prof. Farnsworth’s grandmother).

V: Vergon 6
(A planet once filled with dark matter that was mined until hollow. This is were Leela found Nibbler).

W: “What-if” Machine
(A machine invented by the Professor that answers any “what if” question within 3/10ths of a plausibility unit. Featured in the “Anthology of Interest” I & II episodes).

X: X-Mas

(The official name of Christmas in the 31st century).

Y: Yancy
8The first name of Fry’s father and brother [Yancy Jr.]).

Z: Zuben Cigars
(Fine cigars. Named after a real star).

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