Title: A Wedding on Honeysuckle Ridge

Series: Highland Falls

By: Debbie Mason       

Website: authordebbiemason(.)com

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It’s autumn in the cozy little town of Highland Falls, and for Sadie Gray, it’s the most romantic time of the year, not to mention her life. After all, she’s engaged to brilliant and gorgeous FBI agent Chase Roberts, whose kisses warm her from head to toe on chilly evenings. But Sadie’s having trouble convincing herself that she deserves this much happiness—and deserves him. And the worst part is that Chase’s family seems to agree . . .

Chase loves his grandfather, but he won’t let anything—or anyone—get between him and Sadie. Especially when Chase has never felt this way about another woman. But when Sadie and Chase start planning to say their “I do’s” on a reality TV show, Chase’s grandfather goes from disapproving to full-on Wedding Sabotage Mode. Now Chase and Sadie’s special day is quickly turning into a disastrous three-ring circus. Can Chase and Sadie find their way back to each other . . . before their wedding turns into a happily never after? (Goodreads)


A Wedding on Honeysuckle Ridge is book 3.5 in the Highland Falls series by Debbie Mason. This story covers the Happily Ever After (HEA) for Abby and Hunter – at least that is what this reader is hoping for – a HEA. And with this little gem – it seems possible that there is more than one HEA ☺? The story takes place approximately 6 months or so after the end of the previous book in the series – Falling in Love on Willow Creek.

The story begins with Sadie (single mom to Michaela and engaged to Chase Roberts) filming an episode of “Say Yay or Nay to the Dress” for her bestie’s YouTube channel, Abby Does Highland Falls. Mallory (who is eight months pregnant) and mighty uncomfortable being the centre of attention and surprisingly is the MC for this episode. Abby is the blushing bride to be (also pregnant) and is showing not much enthusiasm – considering it is her wedding preparations they are filming for her nuptials to Hunter (another hunk in Highland Falls I might add). 

I enjoyed the journey taken to discover the reason behind Abby’s reluctance in participating fully in the nuptial planning. What develops (guess I should not tell you so that you can find out for yourself ☺) is a result of the strong bond between Abby and her friends Sadie and Mallory.

I loved how the whole community seems to work together for a common goal. Also – where can one find a small town with so many good looking guys? 

Another fun storyline is that Chase’s grandfather (Judge) is trying to break Sadie and Chase up ever since they got engaged. Some pretty fun antics but as one would surmise – love will prevail. But not without some interesting events to hopefully make Judge see what a wonderful addition to the family both Sadie and Michaela would be. I dare you NOT to chuckle ☺

I find the more I read of the town of Highland Falls, the more I feel a part of the actual town (and yes – I know it is a town in a series of books). I just feel like the way that the characters are portrayed, the lives that they lead and the love that abounds around the townsfolk is a town I would really like to be a part of. And that, in my estimation, is what reading fiction is all about. So thank you Debbie Mason for crafting such engaging books, especially the Highland Falls series. Cannot wait for book # 4 – The Inn on Mirror Lake.